"I found him on a scrap heap two years ago. his vocoder was dead, and when I tried to fix it, he just broke it again. That proves how smart he is. He's worked out that if you don't respond to orders, no one can prove you heard them."
Jet Nebula[src]

Clunker was a strong and resilient J8O soldier droid owned by smuggler Jet Nebula during the Cold War. The first time Jet saw him, he tried to fix his vocoder, but Clunker then broke it again. Clunker communicated with his master using military hand signals. Clunker possessed reflexes faster than normal humanoids and on many occasions had silently moved behind potentially dangerous adversaries while they were speaking with Jet Nebula; both considered strange for a droid his size. His memory (officially noted as due to a factory error) would shut down and lose all stored memory, yet remember who it currently worked for and the ship it currently worked on as long as it was still safely in that role. Jet Nebula realized a connection to the droid not wanting the existence of proof he had heard an order (and there for must follow it) and not leaving evidence in his memory of anything he had done. Nebula fixed him so the restart wouldn't happen and only managed to have it not happen as often, but he was never fully repaired. He also showed remarkable hacking skills, hacking into a Republic and Empire fleet at the same time, taking control of both of them during an attack, then erasing all computer data of the incident.

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