Clyss Power[2] was an admiral in the starfleet of the Galactic Empire who fought in the Galactic Civil War. By the time of the First Order, Power's achievements had passed into history, and the commemorative armbands worn by lieutenants of the First Order's military bore the admiral's name in Aurebesh.[1] Dopheld Mitaka wore a uniform with the officer's surname on it,[3] designating him as a lieutenant.[1] When the slicer DJ infiltrated the Supremacy with Resistance members Rose Tico and Finn, he wore a stolen uniform with the admiral's name on it.[4] Likewise, Lusica Stynnix wore a uniform with the officer's surname on it.[2] Lodent Cowell, a member of the Kijimi garrison, also wore a uniform emblazoned with Power's surname.[5]

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