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Originally the Improvement Division of the Commerce agency under the Coalition for Progress, the Coalition for Improvements became its own group when the Select Committee began reorganizing COMPNOR to meet the requirements of Emperor Palpatine.

Improvements received copies of reports from Progress, forwarded by the Imperial Security Bureau, and was assigned to "improve" systems, which have deviated from the ideals of the New Order, by the ISB. These systems required long term solutions, and Improvements was required to keep their work behind closed doors, as their solutions were typically not best associated with the Empire.

Sector DevelopmentEdit

Sector Development contained two departments, the Department of Modification and the Department of Redesign. The Emperor personally approved of Sector Development's methods, but Sector Development was generally not funded as well as other projects within the Empire, thus forcing Sector Development to adapt to low cost strategies when dealing with their objectives, then pouring in funds to whichever strategies demonstrated the greatest promise.


Modification was seen as an association of technologists and system specialists who helped local systems modify and improve their technology to Imperial standards. Despite fulfilling this mandate, their primary and secret purpose was to slowly modify social conditions and institutions to cement the system's loyalty to the New Order.

Modification covertly promoted the careers of politicans and other beings of high social standard who matched the Empire's politics, while working against their rivals. They saw the Rebellion as too specific to regions within the Empire to ever have a lasting effect to the Empire as a whole, seeing it as a military problem, and were content with waiting the Rebellion out.


Certain systems were considered virtually unsalvageable by Improvements that Modifications simply could not handle it to securely move the system into the fold of the New Order. If a planet is deemed to be of marginal value, the system is handed over to the Imperial military to handle, while a planet of value was dealt with by both Redesign and the military.

Redesign's actions were marked with such terms as "state changes," "shock vectors" and "bifurcation manifolds." Their resources, however, were too limited to handle more than one world in a sector at a time.



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