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"Can't? Can't?! Exactly what division do you think you're in, captain? Are you some brainwashed stormtrooper? Are you some feckless pilot or belligerent inspector?"
"No ma'am."
"No ma'am! You are the laser-hot edge of the Emperor's dream! Hold you head high and spit on "can't," captain! For we—we few! We cunning! We bold!—We are the Coalition for Progress! We—are public relations."
―Pitina Mar-Mas Voor and Okma[src]

The Coalition for Progress (CFP), also known as the Coalition of Progress, was a sub-bureau of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. It was responsible for the cultural progress of the Galactic Empire and shaping its public image.


"In recent years, this work had fallen under scrutiny by the Imperial Coalition for Progress division of COMPNOR because it had fallen into disrepair and had became an issue of public safety."
―Newscaster Alton Kastle[src]

The Coalition for Progress was formed in as a sub-bureau of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, as part of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's massive restructuring of the Imperial hierarchy. The Coalition soon became responsible for monitoring and molding the Imperial image to the galactic citizenry, and raising the next generation of Imperial leaders.[1]

In 5 BBY,[8] the Coalition for Progress intervened on Garel, ordering the destruction of a controversial statue created by the famous artist Janyor of Bith. Officially, the Coalition for Progress maintained that the work of art had been in poor condition due to neglect, and had become a danger to the population. A few citizens staged a spontaneous protest, but were promptly quelled by local authorities.[6]

During the Galactic Civil War, the Coalition for Progress became aware of a live holofeed broadcasting on Milvayne which showed two fugitives on the run from the Milvayne Authority and other enemies. Their Imperial Propaganda Flagship, the Enduring Pride flew klicks above the planet as Okma spoke with the coalition's leader,[9] Chair[3] Pitina Mar-Mas Voor[2] about the matter. She felt the broadcast showed unacceptable scenes that could inspire mischievous ideas in the citizens of Milvayne. Though Okma pointed out that Milvayne had accepted Imperial rule on the terms that they kept an invisible presence, meaning they were not allowed to intervene, the minister assured him that it was not necessary to avoid this.[10]


Art Group[]

An office reporting on the suitability of artistic expression within the Empire and applied inflexible criteria that exemplified its austere tenets.[1]

Ministry of Information[]

Ministry that oversaw public relations between the Empire and its citizenry, and responsible for monitoring the HoloNet News Network.[1]


Organization that guided research and development into new military applications.[1]

Sector Monitor[]

A battery of galaxy-wide Sector Monitors reported to the Coalition for Progress and acted as civilian spy agencies feeding the Coalition information regarding cultural progress within the Empire, using their vast surveillance network to monitor the development of art, science, education, commerce, and law enforcement. Groups within the government would act accordingly when "corrections" were required.[1] The Sector Monitors would report information of suspicious activities to the Imperial Security Bureau, while data on cultural shifts against the New Order were reported to the Coalition for Improvements.[7]

Sub-Adult Group[]

Youth-based organization dedicated to molding adolescents into administrative and bureaucratic positions within the Empire. An alternate route to those that chose to forgo military service and traditional Academy enrollment.[1]



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