Cob-caree was a wealthy Saffa male who embarked upon a Morodin-hunting expedition on the planet Varonat in 8 ABY. Joining an expedition led by the Krish, Falmal, Cob-caree was successful in killing a Morodin alongside the Thennqora, Tamish.


Cob-caree was a wealthy Saffa[1] male[2] during the early years of the New Republic. He traveled to the planet Varonat on the Ison Corridor[1] in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[3] In the main settlement of Tropis-on-Varonat, Cob-caree joined a Morodin-hunting safari run by the Krish, Gamgalon. Alongside five others—a Thennqora named Tamish, two Duros called Hav and Jivis, and the Humans Pandic Hart and Seoul—Cob-caree planned to kill a Morodin, which were considered to be easy game for a beginner hunter. He purchased hunting gear from Great Jungle Outfitters like all those who embarked upon the safaris.[1]

Cob-caree was paired with Tamish in an airspeeder, along with a Rodian guide, Jombo, for travel to the safari base camp. The group then hiked for several hours through the jungle to reach the hunting trail to make camp. Cob-caree had trouble setting up his own tent, and required the aid of the guides to pitch it properly. During the task, the distinctive growl of a morodin was heard from the jungle close by. Falmal, the Krish party leader, instructed his charges to split into the groups of three that had traveled together on the airspeeders. Cob-caree and Tamish, with Jombo, headed into the jungle in search of the Morodin. Following a slime trail left by the Morodin, Cob-caree and his companions came upon the creature and opened fire, killing it.[1]

Falmal congratulated Cob-caree and Tamish on the kill, and arranged for the airspeeders to return to prepare their trophies. For the next two hours, the meat from the Morodin was shuttled in from the kill site, and the airpeeder pilots held lengthy conversations regarding which one got part of the head as a trophy, and their preferences in terms of mounting and framing their trophy.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Cob-caree was a wealthy Saffa who was bored and looking for excitement, leading to him signing up for a hunting expedition. Despite his wealthy, Cob-caree complained that he had to work for his excitement. He was trained in the use of blaster weapons, and managed to kill a Morodin during the hunt.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cob-caree first appeared in Timothy Zahn's First Contact, which was published in 1994's Star Wars Adventure Journal 1 by West End Games. First Contact was subsequently reprinted in The Best of the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Issues 1-4, Tales from the Empire, and on Hyperspace.


Notes and referencesEdit

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