The Cobalt Laborers' Reformation Front was an anti-Imperial worker organization on the planet of Sullust, which fought not just to overthrow the Imperial reign over the planet, but also for worker's rights.[2]

Biyel Broan used to be its leader, until he was ousted from office due to his associations with criminals.[1] The organization became increasingly anti-Imperial but by the time the Sullustan resistance arrived to help, their most militant members were imprisoned and the others were too scared to fight. When the 61st Mobile Infantry were stranded on Sullust, their Captain, Hazram Namir, contacted the Sullustan resistance and devised a plan for retaking control from the Empire. Their leader Nien Nunb rallied the Sullustan resistance and willing members of the Cobalt Labourers to take the capital of Pinyumb whilst the imperial forces clashed with the Sixty-First at the Siege of Inyusu Tor. The combined efforts instigated a planet-wide revolt against the Imperials which eventually liberated Sullust.[2]


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