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"What you think I stole, I say I earned. You think I'm just some slave, and that's one part of the story. But you don't know the rest. What I've seen. Who I was before. And I know my time is short. I've poked the monster, and now it is awake. I'll die in service to this town, and maybe this town will die with me, bu we won't be the last, not by a long shot. The next ones who come, they'll know me, they'll know my time, they'll carry the flags of Freetown even if Freetown is gone. And one day, Tatooine is free even if me and my 'swindler's forge' armor and my little town have been claimed once more by the sands."
―Cobb Vanth[src]

Cobb Vanth was a human male that lived around the time of the Battle of Endor. Once a slave, he rose to become a sheriff of Freetown on the planet Tatooine after acquiring a set of Mandalorian armor from Jawas in 4 ABY. The following year, Vanth enlisted the services of Jabba's former animal trainer Malakili in raising a young Hutt named Borgo. Months later, Freetown was later attacked by the Red Key Raiders but Cobb managed to enlist the Tusken Raiders' help in driving the criminals away.


Acquiring Mandalorian armorEdit

While little was known about his origins, Cobb Vanth was once a slave who had a star-shaped scar tissue carved onto his back as a sign of ownership. By the time of the Battle of Endor, Vanth had freed himself[3] and became the self-appointed lawman of Freetown. Following the death of Jabba the Hutt, Vanth encountered Adwin Charu, a representative of the Red Key mining company, which was actually a front for the Red Key Raiders crime syndicate. Charu had just obtained a chest of Mandalorian armor from a group of Jawa scavengers. Charu had been sent by the crime lord Lorgan Movellan to retrieve the armor.[1]

Vanth quickly recognized Charu as an offworlder due to his attire and offered to vouch for Charu in his dealings with the Jawas. When Adwin demanded to know the price, Vanth claimed that he only wanted hospitality. The Jawas allowed the two men to enter their sandcrawler which was full of droids. While chatting with Adwin, Cobb learned that the man was with the Red Key mining company and talked about the power struggle that had followed Jabba's death. After examining the box of Mandalorian armor, Cobb demanded the set. When Adwin protested, Cobb argued that he needed the armor for his work as a lawman.[1]

Adwin then revealed the blaster underneath his tunic and threatened to draw his weapon. However, Cobb quickly grabbed the blaster and shot a hole through Adwin's right shoulder. When Adwin accused Vanth of being a monster, Cobb responded that he knew that Adwin was working for a crime lord. He added that he would be bringing law to Tatooine and would not tolerate criminal elements like the Red Key syndicate. When Adwin begged for his life, Cobb told him that he had spared his life so that he could tell his boss to leave Tatooine and the Arkanis sector.[1]

Sheriff of FreetownEdit

By the year 5 ABY,[4] Vanth established himself as the Sheriff and de-facto mayor of Freetown, which was the name of what had once been Mos Pelgo. Vanth also stopped a plot by the Red Key syndicate to sneak a Huttlet into the palace dais in Freetown. He and his Twi'lek companion Issa-Or saved Jabba's former Beastmaster Malakili from being killed by two Red Key gangsters including Bivvam Gorge. After killing the gangsters, Cobb and Issa-Or introduced themselves.[2]

When Cobb recognized Malakili, Malakili claimed that he was no one since he was still mourning the death of his rancor Pateesa at the hands of Luke Skywalker. Cobb invited Malakili to live in Freetown because he needed his services as an animal trainer. Cobb managed to convince Malakili to tame two unruly rontos in return for a homestead. Cobb also asked Malakili if he could help manage the Huttlet he had captured. Malakili agreed to teach the Huttlet but insisted on treating it as a sentient being rather than a pet. After leaving the corpses of the Red Key criminals, Cobb and the others returned to Freetown.[2]

With the help of Malakili, Cobb struck a deal with the Tusken Raiders to protect Freetown by giving them water and a pearl from a krayt dragon's belly. The Tuskens regarded Freetown as a sacred place and respected the fact that they had a Hutt. Malakili also named the Huttlet Borgo and became its guardian. In 5 ABY, Freetown was attacked and occupied by the Red Key Syndicate led by Lorgan Movellan, who had come to enslave the town's population and exploit Tatooine for its dilarium oil and silicax oxalate. Cobb was overpowered by the Red Key criminals, who brought him before their master Lorgan. Lorgan taunted Cobb for his failure to protect Freetown and boasted about enslaving the town's population and selling Borgo back to the Hutts.[3]

To display his power, Lorgan ordered his henchwoman Trayness to beat Malakili. This caused Borgo to let out an ear-piercing shriek which gave the signal for the Tusken Raiders to attack the Red Key forces who had seized control of Freetown. The Tusken Raiders stormed the two and quickly killed Lorgan's henchmen. Lorgan attempted to attack Cobb but was overpowered by the lawman. After Cobb told Lorgan of his deal with the Tuskens, Lorgan tried to intimidate Cobb by threatening to bring his masters to wipe out the town.[3]

Cobb was undaunted by Lorgan's threats and told him that he did not know who Cobb was. Despite knowing that he had incurred the wrath of Red Key, Cobb stated that he was ready to die in the service of protecting Freetown and keeping criminal elements away from Tatooine. As a parting insult to the defeated crime boss, Vanth carved a message onto Lorgan's face.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Cobb Vanth was a human man with angular features, leather skin, and pinched eyes.[1] As a legacy of his enslavement, he had a star-shaped scar on his back with a series of dots and hashes. Cobb was a skilled gunslinger and fighter who knew how to wield a blaster. Cobb was a principled man who saw himself as the self-appointed sheriff[3] and mayor of Freetown.[2] He had a hatred for criminal elements like the Red Key syndicate. While Vanth was a skilled combatant, he was also merciful and allowed the criminal Adwin Charu to live in order to send a message to his boss Lorgan Movellan to leave Tatooine alone.[1]

As Sheriff and Mayor of Freetown, Cobb sought to build the settlement into a place where good people could live if they were willing to work and fight against the crime syndicates. He was familiar with Malakili and enlisted his services as an animal tamer in return for lodging. Vanth helped give a new sense of purpose to the despondent Malakili, who was still grieving the loss of his rancor Pateesa.[2]

Cobb was also a shrewd leader who struck a deal with the Tusken Raiders to protect Freetown in return for water and procuring a pearl from a krayt dragon. This alliance enabled him to turn the tables on the Red Key syndicate, which tried to take over the town. Cobb dedicated his life and energy to protecting Freetown from criminal elements and was willing to die for the town. He was also a fearsome warrior who was able to use violence and brute force to protect those that he cared for.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cobb Vanth is a secondary character who appears in three interlude chapters in Chuck Wendig's Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy. His lines are told from the point-of-views of Adwin Charu in the first novel Aftermath, Malakili in the second novel Aftermath: Life Debt, and Lorgan Movellan in the third novel Aftermath: Empire's End.


Notes and referencesEdit

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