The Codex was a product of DarkStryder technology hidden inside an alien construct within the Kathol Rift. In appearance, it resembled a small pyramid with a metallic surface. It was delicate, with rough handling or falls damaging it, but remarkably light in weight. This weapon could locate and quantify the Force as well as enhance the Force-sensitivity of the user. It was sought by the Aing-Tii monks who saw it as sacred and therefore could not handle it by themselves. A loophole was found in training Makezh to navigate the Rift in order to bring the Codex to them, as he was immune to their religious beliefs.

After the Codex was retrieved it was brought to the Aing-Tii homeworld and placed into the Embrace. As a part of his five year journey to study the Force, Jacen Solo came into contact with the Codex when participating in the Embrace.

In 43 ABY, Luke Skywalker held the Codex when he went through the Embrace. At this time his presence in the Force was magnified so much that the Lost Tribe of Sith was able to sense him.

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