"It doesn't matter how far we run, or in what direction. In the end, we always come back to the beginning."
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Cohmac Vitus was a human male Jedi Master of the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era, renowned as both a scholar and mystic. He was formerly the Padawan of Master Simmix. As a Padawan, Vitus was involved in the Eiram–E'ronoh crisis, an event that affected him into his time as a Jedi Master twenty-five years later. During that time, Vitus was one of four Jedi who traveled aboard the starship Vessel to the Starlight Beacon.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the High Republic Era, Cohmac Vitus was a Padawan in the Jedi Order, apprenticed to the Fillithar Jedi Master Simmix. At one point, he, Simmix, fellow Padawan Orla Jareni, and her master Laret Soveral went on a mission to rescue hostages taken by the Lasat gangster Isamer during the Eiram–E'ronoh crisis. When their ship crashed on the lost moon of the two planets, Master Simmix was killed, which deeply effected Vitus. Nonetheless, they infiltrated Isamer's stronghold and defeated him, although Monarch Cassel from E'ronoh was killed.[1]

Years later, Vitus, Jareni, Jedi Knight Dez Rydan, and Padawan Reath Silas joined the crew of the Byne Guild transport Vessel, Leox Gyasi, Affie Hollow, and Geode, on a mission to the soon-to-be-opened Starlight Beacon. However, the Great Disaster knocked their ship out of hyperspace and left them stranded on the Amaxine station with several other parties.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Cohmac Vitus was a wise Jedi Master who appreciated ancient history, which caused the Padawan Reath Silas to look up to him. Vitus was outwardly very calm but internally, he was rocked by the death of his master and, although he buried his grief as was dictated by Jedi teachings, could not help but feel angry about Simmix's death and was even angrier at the fact that Jedi teachings tried to make him ignore such feelings. Furthermore, Vitus was troubled by the spilt between the light side and the dark side of the Force espoused by the Jedi Order and believed that the refusal to examine the darkness could potentially make it even stronger.[1]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Cohmac Vitus was first mentioned in the 2021 novel The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, written by Charles Soule, in which Vitus was described as a Jedi Knight.[2] The novel The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray, however, states that Vitus was a Jedi Master.[1]

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