"What are those?"
"Coin-crabs. Reminds me of those happy days we spent frying Yuuzhan Vong."
Boba Fett and Goran Beviin[src]

Coin-crabs were a species of small crustaceans, native to the coastlines of Taris, a planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. Known to be tasty when eaten,[2] deep-fried coin-crabs were served at the Horizon Hotel in Taris' Upper City. In the year 40 ABY, the veteran Mandalorian soldier Goran Beviin ordered a bowl of fried coin-crabs while visiting the Horizon Hotel for a meeting with Mand'alor Boba Fett.[1]

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Coin-crabs were first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the Legacy of the Force novel Bloodlines, written by author Karen Traviss and published August 29, 2006.[1] The coin-crab later received a brief informational entry in the 2008 reference guide, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which provided new details on the crab's native habitat.[2]



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