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This article is about the snowtroopers deployed by the Galactic Empire. You may be looking for the variant used by the First Order.

Cold weather assault stormtroopers, commonly known as snowtroopers or simply stormtroopers, were the elite stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire trained and equipped to operate in frigid environments.

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A snowtrooper helmet

Imperial cold weather assault stormtroopers were direct descendants of the Clone cold assault troopers and the 21st Nova Corps during the Clone Wars, who fought in frigid environments such as Orto Plutonia, Rhen Var, and Toola.[6] Specialized types of snowtroopers included Snowtrooper Scouts,[3] Heavy Snowtroopers, and Arctic Jumptroopers.[2]

When the Empire routed the enemy Rebel Alliance from Echo Base on Hoth three years following the Battle of Yavin, the elite Blizzard Force, led by General Maximillian Veers, was involved in the battle.[7]



Snowtrooper armor was well insulated to protect against extreme cold, with a suit and heated breather mask powered by a battery pack that could last up to two standard weeks. For greater survivability, it also included ice boots, an insulated belt kama,[8] polarized snow goggles, grappling hooks, ion flares, and a homing beacon.[6]


Snowtroopers were often equipped with E-11 blaster rifles and E-Web heavy repeating blaster cannons.[6]


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