"We're risking our lives every day to undo the Council's decision."
―Cole Cantarus[src]

Cole Cantarus was a Human male who lived on Corellia during the time when the Sith Empire took power over the planet.


After the Treaty of Coruscant, Cole lived his life as a street urchin on his home planet, running with local gangs and experiencing numerous brushes with the law. At the age of sixteen, he was sent to a juvenile detention center where he turned his life around. Two years later, he was enlisted with CorSec - the Corellian police force - where he used his knowledge of the streets to compile an amazing arrest record.

As a reward, Cole was transferred to the CorSec unit assigned to protect the members of the Corellian Council, where he was eventually promoted to captain. When the government handed Corellia over to the Empire, the betrayal hit Cole particularly hard. But while a lesser man might have fallen into despair, Cole channeled his rage into a more productive path and helped organize the Corellian rebellion.

When the Republic launched a counter-offensive to reclaim the planet, Cantarus and a Selonian rebel Gosse got captured by the Empire and imprisoned in an Imperial-held CorSec station in the nearby Entertainment Plaza, when a Republic hero stormed the building and rescued them. Reuniting with General Aves at the Gilded Descent Casino, he and Cantarus were contacted by Councilor Belos, one of the Council members who had helped the Empire in the invasion. Belos claimed to have had a change of heart, but Cantarus refused to forgive his actions that led to the occupation.

Cantarus relocated to his former workstation - the Council Guardhouse in the Government District, where he was informed by Belos that the Empire had a surprise in store for the Republic: the Ion Wall. Belos alerted Cantarus to the location of the Ion Wall's emitters at the Intra-Corellian Intelligence and Cantarus send the Republic hero to destroy the emitters. As the Republic launched a final offensive to reclaim the Legislature building, Cantarus joined the hero in confronting Darth Hadra. After her defeat, Cantarus asserted CorSec's authority to arrest every surviving Council, Belos included. However, the Republic hero chose to let Belos go free, to Cantarus' disapproval. After the defeat of Darth Decimus, General Aves and Cantarus congratulated the Republic hero with the victory on Corellia.

Retaking his homeworld would not be the end of war for Cantarus, as he directly participated in the Battle of Ilum that followed. After Darth Malgus broke away from the Empire, Cantarus flew a Republic strike team to Fort Barrow where they reclaimed Darth Serevin's stealth shuttle with coordinates for the Emperor's Fortress. Surviving the dogfight against Serevin himself, Cantarus piloted the stolen shuttle to the space station, where the Republic strike team defeated Malgus.


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