"Luke Skywalker? The Jedi Knight? Why didn't you say so in the first place, sir? I would have pulled some strings."
―Cole Fardreamer[src]

Cole Fardreamer was a New Republic mechanic from Tatooine.


He aspired to become a great hero of the New Republic like Luke Skywalker. When Cole was on Tatooine Skywalker was known to be the best land speeder racer in Anchorhead. But this dream was lost when he found out on Coruscant that Skywalker's successes were most likely due to his abilities with the Force. So he stayed on Coruscant as a mechanic for the New Republic fleet.

He was best known for discovering a flaw in the upgraded X-wing computers, Wedge Antilles ordered in 17 ABY, which involved bombs that were activated when the X-Wings activated, and for his role in helping the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO foil the Dark Jedi Kueller's plot to overthrow the New Republic. He took the droids to Telti where he was captured and tortured by Brakiss. He was rescued when R2-D2 led a rebellion of junked droids.



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