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The Colicoids were a species of sentient, insectoid carnivores native to the planet Colla IV. Known for their completely emotionless and murderous ways, they created the design of the three-legged droidekas in their own image.[1] They also led the Colicoid Creation Nest, a company that notably manufactured the Pistoeka sabotage droid and the Trident-class assault ship.[2] The Trade Federation bought shipments of droidekas from the Colicoids in exchange for exotic meats.[1]

Biology and appearance[]

Colicoids were two meter tall insects wrapped in a dense chitinous shell. These terrifying creatures were very warlike, hostile, even among themselves, and extremely violent towards strangers. The Old Republic soon stopped sending representatives, not any Jedi Knights, to silence the protections of others for the excesses of the Colicoids.[3]


After much debate, especially about costs, the proposal was approved. The Neimoidians tasked with creating the army droids searched for a weapons manufacturer. Finally, the contract was awarded to the Colicoids of Colla IV, far from the nucleus of the Republic.[3]



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