This article is about the language of the Colicoid species. You may be looking for the species of the same name.

Colicoid was the official language of the planet Colla IV, used by its native species, the Colicoids.

Colicoid language used sounds produced by the antennae and jointed legs of the Colicoids, including humming sounds and clicks. This made difficult for other species to reproduce this language.

Colicoid language did not have a written form, but almost all Colicoids were fluent in Basic and, somehow, managed to use Basic alphabet to reproduce the sounds of Colicoid language. When speaking Basic, Colicoids had a noticeable buzz as an accent.

Colicoids customarily spoke among themselves in Colicoid language, even when other species were seeing them. They considered that these strangers would not like to hear the plots they were scheming against them.

The -eka suffix in the name Droideka comes from this language and means "hireling" or "drone".

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