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The Collections and Security Division, were the armed forces of the InterGalactic Banking Clan prior to the Clone Wars. Chairman San Hill pledged this force to fight for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and it became part of the Separatist Droid Army. It consisted of both battle droids and the organic forces of the Iotran Guard.


The division's original mission was the collection of debts and protection of IGBC facilities and personnel, but with the outbreak of war was quickly thrown into the front lines. Early in the war its forces fought independently under their own order of battle, however this method of fighting proved inefficient. Under the command of General Grievous, the Collections and Security Division was reorganized along with other droid armies into more effective fighting forces. It was deactivated, along with most of the CIS battle droids, when Darth Vader activated the master control signal after assassinating San Hill and the rest of the Separatist Council.


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Ground forces of the Collections and Security Division were divided into two groups. IG-100 MagnaGuards, because of their limited numbers, had no command structure. They simply followed the orders of whoever they were programmed to follow. Muun Guards and IG lancer combat droids both followed the same formation structure, although only Muuns were given command positions.

  • Division: A division was commanded by a Muun guard colonel and consisted of 5 brigades plus support personnel.
  • Brigade: A brigade was commanded by a Muun guard captain and consisted of 5 troops, a section of 5 Hailfire-class droid tanks, and support personnel.
  • Troop: A troop was commanded by a Muun guard lieutenant and consisted of 5 squads.
  • Squad: A squad was commanded by a Muun guard sergeant and consisted of 9 soldiers, either Muun guards or IG lancer combat droids.


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