This article is about the star system in the Star Wars Legends continuity.
You may be looking for the canon planet, Colonial Station Camco.

The Colonial Station Cam'co system was located in the core territory of the Chiss Ascendancy, the government of the Chiss species that governed the Chiss Space area of the Unknown Regions. The star system was connected by the Chasdemonus Route hyperlane to the Naporar system and to regions lying northwest of the Chiss Ascendancy's core territory. The Colonial Station Cam'co system was colonized by the Chiss,[1] and it was one of the two star systems named after Jer'Jo Cam'Co, one of the founding syndics, or leaders, of the Chiss Ascendancy's Expansionary Defense Force.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The two Chiss Space star systems named after Jer'Jo Cam'co were first mentioned in Refugee, the second entry in the Force Heretic trilogy of the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order novel series. The 2003 novel was authored by Sean Williams and Shane Dix.[2] One of those systems was then identified as the Colonial Station Cam'co system by the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, authored by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, which also placed it in grid square F-8.[1]


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