"Not even a Neimoidian would pull that maneuver. I bet he rigged the table to do it."
―Ohh Bronna[src]

The Colonies region Dejarik tournament was held in 13:4 in the city of Kanti on the planet Arkania. Eight players of the holographic game dejarik reached the quarterfinals, in which reigning sector champion Ohh Bronna took offense to a move by his opponent, Corwin Kaezeb. Bronna upset the holotable and physically attacked Kaezeb, creating a distraction that the losing players in two other quarterfinal matches took advantage of to reset their boards. With no rules in place to handle the situation, D'nisenz, who won the remaining quarterfinal match, was declared the Colonies region champion.

The tournament[]

"It was a fair move. Getting upset about it obviously didn't help. Though I must admit, it felt good to do my own fighting for a change."
―Corwin Kaezeb[src]

In 22 BBY, the planet of Arkania played host to the Colonies region Dejarik tournament. Held in the city of Kanti in 13:4, the tournament featured players of the holographic game known as dejarik fighting it out for the title of champion of the Colonies region. The quarterfinal round of the tournament consisted of eight players competing in four head-to-head matches, one of which featured reigning sector champion Ohh Bronna against yonta-level player Corwin Kaezeb. Well into the Bronna–Kaezeb game, Bronna appeared to have a significant lead until Kaezeb entered a move that resulted in his ng'ok holomonster running across the board, springing off the houjix, and landing a leaping kick to Bronna's savrip's head. After remaining silent for a moment, Bronna knocked the holotable down onto the ground and launched a physical attack against his opponent, jumping onto Kaezeb's shoulders and proceeding to beat him in the head, drawing blood.[1]

In the meantime, the distraction caused by the fight served as sufficient cover for two other players in two of the other quarterfinal games to reset their own holotables, erasing their opponents' leads. This led to angry responses and ultimately resulted in an all-out brawl among all six players. The brawl was eventually broken up and although Bronna was restrained, he remained livid as he commented to a HoloNet News reporter that Kaezeb's move was below even a Neimoidian and accused his opponent of rigging the game table. Kaezeb, on the other hand, asserted that the move was fair and observed that Bronna's anger solved nothing, though he enjoyed the chance to do his own fighting for once.[1]

The final quarterfinal match, which pitted Garem Will against D'nisenz, was unaffected by the melee, as the two players were so engrossed in the game that they failed to notice anything amiss until they had completed their own game, which was won by D'nisenz. The tournament lacked sufficient established rules and procedures to address the actions of Bronna and the two players who had reset their tables, which collectively caused all but the Will–D'nisenz match to be ruined. As such, D'nisenz, the sole player to win in the quarterfinals, was declared the Colonies region champion by default. Later, on 13:4:11, the HoloNet News published an article detailing the events of the quarterfinal round and its aftermath.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Colonies region Dejarik tournament of 22 BBY was featured in a 2002 article on the in-universe HoloNet News website.[1] To date, the tournament has not been mentioned in any other Star Wars media.


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