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"Aren't you tired of being chestnut all the time, Chewbacca?…Soon you'll just be one more brindled Wookiee."
―Leia Organa Solo to Chewbacca when using color-crawlers to disguise his fur color[2]

A color-crawler was a small creature that exuded a colored slime as it slid. Color-crawlers were sold for use in many cosmetic applications[1] and came in a variety of colors, including black, silver, and various shades of brown and green. They were sold in packages sorted by color and were stored in their container until use. Once removed from the pack, crawlers could be applied to an individual's hair or fur[2] or to cloth.[1] They would then move around the surface that they were set on, dyeing it as they went. If several different colors of crawlers were used together it resulted in streaking.[2]

In 14 ABY,[3] while searching for the kidnapped Solo children—Anakin, Jacen and Jaina—their mother, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and the Wookiee Chewbacca used color-crawlers to change the color of their hair so they could disguise themselves as bounty hunters.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Color-crawlers first appeared in The Crystal Star, a 1994 novel written by Vonda N. McIntyre. They were later given an entry in the The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which was published in 2008.



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