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"The Colossus? I-I've heard stories about this place. It's—it's a hangout for star pilots. Ex-Empire. Ex-Rebellion, pirates—anybody who wants to go fast."
―Kazuda Xiono[src]

The Colossus was a mobile aircraft refueling station on the ocean planet Castilon in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It was operated by Captain Imanuel Doza, who resided in the station's upper levels with his daughter Torra. The Colossus was defended by a squadron of skilled pilots, known as Ace Squadron, and was also home to many other individuals such as Jarek Yeager, who owned a repair shop on the station.[1]

During the New Republic era, the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono was sent to gather intelligence on First Order activities on the platform. Following a series of pirate attacks, Captain Doza acquiesced to a First Order occupation of the Colossus. In response, Xiono formed a resistance movement which expelled the First Order. Following a battle, the Colossus activated its hyperdrive and fled into space.


Structure and layoutEdit

The Colossus was a super tanker fuel depot that was capable of operating in maritime environments[1] as well as space.[2] The Colossus had a large dagger-shaped structure with only the upper decks being visible when the fuel depot was immersed in water.[2] As a hyperspace–capable space vessel, the Colossus was equipped with boosters and a Class 2 hyperdrive.[3] In addition, the Colossus was also equipped with escape pods.[6]

Several known locations on the Colossus included Aunt Z's Tavern, Jarek Yeager's repair station, the Colossus marketplace, and the spare-parts shop Office of Acquisitions.[1] The luxurious Doza Tower at the top of the Colossus was the home of the station's administrator Captain Imanuel Doza, his daughter Torra Doza[26], and the elite Ace Squadron; a racing squadron that also defended the refueling platform.[4] Other known locations included the Colossus loading docks[22] and the West Docks.[24]

The Colossus's lower levels hosted the station's engineering room,[11] the hyperdrive room,[3] and an escape pod bay.[24] The Colossus was equipped with turbines which allowed the station to submerge underwater.[19] In addition, the platform was equipped with hatches that could shield the station from water,[19] zero gravity space,[2] and even large aquatic monsters such as the rokkna known as Bibo's mother.[16]

Society and cultureEdit

The Colossus had a diverse population consisting of various species including humans, Aleena, Gilliands, Gotals, Ithorians, Kel Dor, Nikto, Rodians, Snivvians, Sullustans,[1] and the amphibious Chelidae who were native to Castilon .[11] The Chelidae were mainly engineers, mechanics, and technicians who manned the refuelling platform's engineering room.[11] While Galactic Basic was widely spoken on the station,[1] other known languages spoken on the Colossus' included the Chelidae language,[11] Binary,[13] and Cracek.[13]

The Colossus was governed by Captain Imanuel Doza. Security on the station was provided by several security droids including 4D-M1N.[26] The station was also defended by the elite Ace Squadron, who also doubled as racers.[4] The Colossus was also defended by an automated turbolaser system that was controlled by a tracking computer.[12] During the First Order's occupation of the Colossus, the platform was garrisoned by stormtroopers, TIE fighters,[6] and First Order SCUBA troopers.[3]

The Colossus was dependent on fuel shipments in order to maintain a steady supply of power for its inhabitants to live and work. During the New Republic era, the First Order was a major fuel supplier to the Colossus; which the former tried to use as leverage to convince Captain Doza to accept First Order "protection." In addition, Captain Doza had numerous dealings with the galactic underworld.[26]

Economy and racingEdit

Racing was a vital source of the Colossus's economy and community prior to the First Order's occupation shortly before the Hosnian Cataclysm.[24] Various racers, including the Ace Squadron, held regular racing events which were open to both amateurs like Kazuda Xiono[1] and professional racers like galactic champion Marcus Speedstar.[13] Local businesses like Aunt Z's Tavern and the Office of Acquisitions also benefited from racing. Aunt Z made money from betting on racers while the Office of Acquisitions supplied them with starship spareparts.[1]

Members of Ace Squadron including Hype Fazon were recruited from the best racers and had the privilege of living in the luxurious Doza Tower.[26] Many ordinary citizens, including Tamara Ryvora[26] and Jace Rucklin, aspired to become successful racers so that they could dwell in Doza Tower.[23] In addition, Ace Squadron was responsible for defending the platform from both pirates[4] and sea monsters,[16] and escorting fuel shipments.[26]

Besides racing, other residents of the Colossus, including the undercover pirate Synara San, made their living by salvaging wrecked starships from the surrounding ocean.[12]



The Colossus originated as an an Imperial[9] super tanker fuel depot[1] that was capable of interstellar travel.[2] By 34 ABY, the Colossus had not moved since at least 14 ABY, twenty years before.[2] During the New Republic era, the station was headed by Captain Imanuel Doza[20], a former officer in the Imperial Military.[14]

After losing his wife and daughter during a racing accident, New Republic veteran Jarek Yeager settled on the Colossus, where he established a starship repair business[27] in Quadrant 3.27.[6]

The Cold warEdit

During the New Republic's cold war with the First Order, Kazuda Xiono was sent to the Colossus as a spy by Resistance Commander Poe Dameron in 34 ABY.[1] In that same year, the First Order began orchestrating pirate attacks against the station, wishing to use it as a staging area for the upcoming war. Commander Pyre, who had come up with the idea, figured that enough pirate attacks would force Captain Doza to request that the Order take over the station. Under the First Order's instructions, Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang raided the Colossus during a triple dark storm, but were forced to retreat when Xiono jammed their communications.[4]

Eventually, the First Order had the pirates kidnap Doza's daughter Torra so their own forces could "rescue" her, allowing them onto the station.[17] During the ensuing occupation, as Xiono attempted to undermine the First Order's authority, he was eventually unmasked as a spy.[19] Xiono, Torra, Yeager and Neeku Vozo, working with Captain Doza, rediscovered and reactivated the Colossus hyperdrive to leave Castilon and escape the First Order, after fighting a pitched battle to leave the planet's atmosphere.[3][2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Colossus was created for the 2018 animated series Star Wars Resistance, and was first shown in the series trailer.[28] The upper section was designed by veteran Star Wars modelmaker Bill George.[9]



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