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"The Colossus? I-I've heard stories about this place. It's—it's a hangout for star pilots. Ex-Empire. Ex-Rebellion, pirates—anybody who wants to go fast."
―Kazuda Xiono[src]

The Colossus was a mobile aircraft refueling station on the ocean planet Castilon in the Outer Rim Territories. It was operated by Captain Imanuel Doza, who resided in the station's upper levels with his daughter Torra. The Colossus was defended by a squadron of skilled pilots, known as Ace Squadron, and was also home to many other individuals such as Jarek Yeager, who owned a repair shop on the station.

During the New Republic Era, the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono was sent to gather intelligence on First Order activities on the platform. Following a series of pirate attacks, Captain Doza acquiesced to a First Order occupation of the Colossus. In response, Xiono formed a resistance movement which expelled the First Order. Following a battle, the Colossus activated its hyperdrive and fled into space.


Structure and layoutEdit

The Colossus was a supertanker fuel depot that could operate in maritime environments[1] as well as space.[2] The Colossus had a large dagger-shaped structure with only the upper decks being visible when the fuel depot was immersed in water.[2] As a hyperspace-capable space vessel, the Colossus was equipped with boosters and a Class 2 hyperdrive.[3] In addition, the Colossus was also equipped with escape pods.[9]

Locations on the Colossus included Aunt Z's Tavern, Jarek Yeager's repair station, the Colossus marketplace, and the spare-parts shop Office of Acquisitions.[1] The luxurious Doza Tower at the top of the Colossus was the home of the station's administrator, Captain Imanuel Doza; his daughter Torra Doza;[14] and the elite Ace Squadron, a racing squadron that also defended the refueling platform.[4] Other locations included the loading docks[16] and the West Docks.[32]

The Colossus' lower levels hosted the station's engineering room,[15] the hyperdrive chamber,[3] and an escape pod bay.[32] The Colossus was equipped with turbines which allowed the station to submerge underwater.[13] In addition, the platform was equipped with hatches that could shield the station from water,[13] zero gravity space,[2] and even large aquatic monsters such as the rokkna known as Bibo's mother.[20]

Society and cultureEdit


The Colossus at rest

The Colossus had a diverse population consisting of various species including humans, Aleena, Gilliands, Gotals, Ithorians, Kel Dor, Nikto, Rodians, Snivvians, Sullustans,[1] and the amphibious Chelidae who were native to Castilon.[15] The Chelidae were mainly engineers, mechanics, and technicians who manned the refuelling platform's engineering room.[15] While Galactic Basic was widely spoken on the station,[1] other languages spoken on the Colossus included the Chelidae language,[15] Binary,[17] and Cracek.[17]

The Colossus was governed by Captain Imanuel Doza. Security on the station was provided by several security droids including 4D-M1N.[14] The station was also defended by the elite Ace Squadron, who also doubled as racers.[4] The Colossus was also defended by an automated turbolaser system that was controlled by a tracking computer.[16] During the First Order's occupation of the Colossus, the platform was garrisoned by stormtroopers, TIE fighters,[9] and First Order SCUBA troopers.[3]

The Colossus depended on fuel shipments in order to maintain a steady supply of power for its inhabitants to live and work. During the New Republic Era, the First Order was a major fuel supplier to the Colossus, which the former tried to use as leverage to convince Captain Doza to accept First Order "protection." In addition, Captain Doza had numerous dealings with the galactic underworld.[14]

Economy and racingEdit


Racing provided much of the Colossus economy.

Racing was a vital source of the Colossus' economy and community prior to the First Order's occupation shortly before the Hosnian Cataclysm.[32] Various racers, including the Ace Squadron, held regular racing events which were open to both amateurs like Kazuda Xiono[1] and professional racers like galactic champion Marcus Speedstar.[17] Local businesses like Aunt Z's Tavern and the Office of Acquisitions also benefited from racing. Aunt Z made money from betting on racers while the Office of Acquisitions supplied them with starship spareparts.[1]

Members of Ace Squadron including Hype Fazon were recruited from the best racers and had the privilege of living in the luxurious Doza Tower.[14] Many ordinary citizens, including Tamara Ryvora[14] and Jace Rucklin, aspired to become successful racers so that they could dwell in Doza Tower.[31] In addition, Ace Squadron was responsible for defending the platform from both pirates[4] and sea monsters,[20] and escorting fuel shipments.[14]

Besides racing, other residents of the Colossus, including the undercover pirate Synara San, made their living by salvaging wrecked starships from the surrounding ocean.[16]




The main concourse

The Colossus originated as an Imperial[12] supertanker fuel depot[1] that was capable of interstellar travel.[2] By 34 ABY, the Colossus had not moved since at least 14 ABY, twenty years before.[2] During the New Republic era, the station was headed by Captain Imanuel Doza,[29] a former officer in the Imperial Military.[18]

After losing his wife and daughter during a racing accident, New Republic veteran Jarek Yeager settled on the Colossus, where he established a starship repair business[17] in Quadrant 3.27.[9] Yeager's Team Fireball included the astromech droid Bucket, the Nikto Neeku Vozo, and the human girl Tamara Ryvora.[1]

Xiono's undercover missionEdit

During the New Republic's cold war with the First Order, Kazuda Xiono was sent to the Colossus as a spy by Resistance Commander Poe Dameron in 34 ABY. Xiono was distracted after he was unwittingly roped into a race with Ace Squadron member Torra Doza, Captain Doza's daughter. With the help of Yeager, he found work as a mechanic in Team Fireball.[1]

In that same year, the First Order began orchestrating pirate attacks against the station, wishing to use it as a staging area for the upcoming war. Commander Pyre, who had come up with the idea, figured that enough pirate attacks would force Captain Doza to request that the Order take over the station. Under the First Order's instructions, Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang raided the Colossus during a triple dark storm, but were forced to retreat when Xiono jammed their communications.[4]

The Colossus also faced periodic fuel shortages, necessitating the importation of supplies from the First Order. Following the pirate raid, Major Elrik Vonreg met with Captain Doza, offering First Order protection and a regular supply of fuel. Xiono infiltrated Doza Tower and spied on Vonreg's meeting. He narrowly escaped being killed by Vonreg's stormtroopers.[14]

Later, two refugee children, Kel and Eila, who had escaped a First Order massacre on Tehar, sought refuge on the Colossus. They were pursued by First Order forces led by Commander Pyre. With the help of Xiono and fellow mechanic Neeku Vozo, Kel and Eila escaped Pyre's forces and found sanctuary with the Chelidae engineers, mechanics, and technicians who dwelled in the engineering deck.[15]


The Fireball approaches the Colossus with engines smoking.

Later, the Warbird pirate Synara San infiltrated the Colossus after Xiono and fellow Resistance pilot Dameron rescued her from a wrecked Darius G-class freighter in sector six. She became an undercover spy.[11]

While Ace Squadron was escorting a shipment, Captain Doza hired Team Fireball to repair the turbolaser gun emplacement's computer. However, Synara San learnt that the Colossus was defenseless and informed Kragan Gorr, who raided the Colossus a second time. Though Yeager and his team managed to restart the turbolaser system, the pirate raid convinced Captain Doza to reconsider the First Order's protection offer. Meanwhile, Synara gained Tam's trust after fighting off pirates in the loading docks.[16]

To generate money for the Colossus' economy, Captain Doza invited galactic racing champion Marcus Speedstar to race against his brother Yeager, who had once been a racing champion. Yeager initially refused to race his brother but was forced to take part after Aunt Z and her patrons placed bets on them. During the Platform Classic, Yeager and Speedstar raced against Ace Squadron. Though Yeager led the race, he let his younger brother win so that he could use the prize money to pay a ransom securing his mechanic friend Oplock's release from the Guavian Death Gang.[17]

Later, Captain Doza hosted a meeting with Commander Pyre to discuss the First Order's protection offer. While spying on Doza Tower, Xiono befriended Captain Doza's daughter Torra. With the help of BB-8, Xiono downloaded Doza's datapad and discovered that Doza had once served in the Imperial military. Xiono, Torra, and BB-8 then narrowly survived being killed in a trash incinerator.[18]

Vozo later adopted a baby rokkna named Bibo. In response, Bibo's mother raided the Colossus during the so-called "Bibo incident." Due to Xiono and Synara's warning, Captain Doza sealed the platform. Ace Squadron and the Fireball tried to drive away the sea creature, which was only placated when Vozo returned Bibo to her.[20]

Later, the First Order mercenary Teroj Kee stole a phase connector from Flix and Orka's Office of Acquisitions. However, Xiono managed to down his freighter with the help of Flix and Orka's pet gorg Bitey, denying the weapon to the First Order.[22]

The First Order occupationEdit

"Our job is simply to maintain order."
―Commander Pyre to Doza on the Colossus occupation[src]

Eventually, the First Order hired the Warbird gang to kidnap Doza's daughter Torra so their own forces could "rescue" her in order to convince Captain Doza to accept their "protection." With the help of San, the pirates Drell and Valik iniltrated the Colossus and kidnapped Torra. A conflicted San alerted Xiono and the station authorities, who pursued the pirates but were unable to stop them from boarding Kragan Gorr's sail barge Galleon. However, First Order forces under Major Vonreg rescued Torra after double-crossing their former proxies.[21]

As a result, Captain Doza accepted First Order protection, which translated into an occupation of the Colossus. The First Order established a garrison under Commander Pyre and began verifying the identification of the platform's inhabitants. While some residents like Doza and Xiono were concerned by the new security measures, many others including Ryvora welcomed the security provided by the First Order. The First Order also launched a manhunt for San. She escaped with the help of Xiono, who regarded her as a friend.[9]

During the First Order's identity verification operation, the stormtrooper CS-515 was knocked unconscious by Kel and Eila. To check that CS-515 had not reported them, Xiono stole the stormtrooper's armor and infiltrated the First Order base. As a result, Xiono discovered that the First Order was planning to remove dissidents from the Colossus and to use the station as part of a military supply line for its fleet.[33]

Despite the tightened security on the Colossus, Xiono snuck out of the platform with Dameron for a reconnaissance mission into the Dassal system. He subsequently returned with the BB unit CB-23, who replaced BB-8 as his minder.[5]

As the First Order tightened its grip over the Colossus, Commander Pyre ordered the termination of the station's races, a key source of revenue and social cohesion to the platform. The First Order also arrested several outspoken residents including Hype Fazon, Aunt Z, Nod, and Grevel, and imprisoned them in the West Docks. With the help of Xiono and Torra, the prisoners escaped offworld.[32]

Later, Commander Pyre and his troops raided Yeager's garage, having identified the borrowed racer Fireball as one of the ships that had intruded into the Dassal system. Most of Team Fireball, with the exception of Ryvora, who was sympathetic to the First Order, escaped to the engineering deck, where they rejoined Kel, Eila, and the Chelidae. With the help of Captain Doza, the insurgents submerged much of the Colossus with the exception of Doza Tower. Xiono and Yeager disabled the First Order's jammer and sent a distress message to Resistance General Leia Organa. However, Yeager was captured by the First Order.[13]

Following the sinking, Commander Pyre imposed a curfew on the platform, ordering residents to stay at home. First Order SCUBA troopers were also deployed to search the submerged lower decks. After Captain Doza objected to the arrest of Yeager, Commander Pyre had him and most of Ace Squadron imprisoned. However, Torra escaped and linked up with Xiono. Meanwhile, Xiono formed a resistance cell and devised a plan to rescue Yeager and Ryvora and seek help from the New Republic.[3]

Despite the Hosnian Cataclysm, Xiono and Torra managed to free Yeager, Captain Doza, and the Aces. However, Xiono and Yeager failed to rescue Ryvora, who decided to join the First Order due to Agent Tierny's promise to recruit her as a pilot and her bitterness towards Xiono and Yeager for not trusting her. After flushing out stormtroopers, the Resistance fighters rediscovered and reactivated the Colossus' hyperdrive. Following a pitched battle, the Colossus escaped into hyperspace.[2]

On the runEdit

The Colossus had sustained significant damage during the battle, and the full coordinates to D'Qar had not been inputted, so the station emerged from hyperspace three parsecs away from its destination. There, while doing repairs to the damaged long-range communications and the malfunctioning gravity generator, Xiono and Torra discovered a First Order droid, MB-13A, which had remained onboard the Colossus after CB-23 had supposedly destroyed it, and which had taken out Vozo and CB-23. The droid nearly sent a message back to the First Order forces above Castilon before Xiono, Torra and CB-23 fought it off and ejected it into space. However, Xiono was inspired to send an apology message to Ryvora, despite the dangers of the Colossus being located as a result.[34]

Salvaging coaxiumEdit

When the Colossus finally arrived at D'Qar, they found the wreckage of the evacuation of the Resistance base there. However, the station was unable to immediately leave because it had run out of coaxium fuel, so Xiono suggested a mission to salvage some from the wreckage of the dreadnought Fulminatrix. Xiono was able to get the assistance of the Warbird pirates, who had sided with the Colossus to get revenge on the First Order for their betrayal, after San pointed out the weapons that could be salvaged from the wreck. During the salvaging mission, however, Pyre and Tierny's Star Destroyer caught up with the Colossus, as Ryvora had been persuaded to turn in her comlink with Xiono's message on it and it had been decrypted. The salvage team managed to retrieve the coaxium and install it in the nick of time, and the Colossus escaped the Ileenium system just after its shields had failed.[6]

Hunting on Celsor 3Edit

The station next passed near the ice moon Celsor 3. Yeager, having been placed in command of the Aces after their lackluster performance above D'Qar, chose the moon as a site for training exercises intended to improve the racers' combat ability. On the second such exercise, the Aces were attacked by a jakoosk, which Yeager was nearly eaten by before the Aces freed him by collapsing an ice pillar atop the creature.[35]

At the same time, the Colossus was running dangerously low on food supplies, prompting many of its civilian residents, led by Aunt Z, to prepare to leave. Some of the residents wanted to leave because they were beginning to feel cooped up and claustrophobic inside the station. Xiono and Torra prevented their departure by hunting the jakoosk for its plentiful meat, after the pirates had tried and failed in an attempt to undermine Captain Doza's authority. The creature provided enough meat to keep the entire platform fed for quite some time. Vozo also relieved the claustrophobia by constructing a holoprojector that created an artificial sky like that of Castilon in the marketplace.[36]

The saboteurEdit

The First Order's next attempt to capture the Colossus involved hiring a saboteur, Nikto engineer Nenavakasa Nalor, to infiltrate the station and sabotage it. After tracking the station for several days, Nalor faked damage to her ship and broadcast a distress signal that was picked up just after Vozo repaired the long-range scanners. Xiono and San went out to investigate, and upon finding out that Nalor was an engineer, Xiono immediately invited her onboard to assist with repairs. Nalor and Vozo got along quite well while fixing the station, with Nalor taking the opportunity to install a caseline that drained the Colossus' power, as well as rerouting other power away from critical systems. However, a suspicious San eventually led Xiono to search Nalor's ship after the engineer attempted to frame the Warbirds for stealing huge amounts of power, where they discovered the truth about her. Unmasked, Nalor fled after unsuccessfully attempting to persuade Vozo to come with her, leaving aboard her ship after leading Pyre and Tierny's Star Destroyer to the Colossus' location before fleeing into hyperspace. Vozo and Xiono undid the sabotage in a hurry, allowing the station to escape from its pursuers once again.[7]

Supply runsEdit

Over the course of its travels, the Colossus suffered from various supply shortages. It nearly ran out of fuel, necessitating a visit to the fuel refinery on Drahgor III, run by the flock of station resident Flix.[37] Later, the station sent a team to Ashas Ree for general supplies. On the planet, the team had an encounter with First Order Raiders, and the station acquired a new resident, archaeologist Mika Grey.[38]

An attempted reunionEdit

Despite Captain Doza guiding the Colossus through the Outer Rim in an attempt to avoid attention, his daughter's birthday came up. Doza's wife Venisa had joined the Resistance upon its inception six years earlier, and Torra's birthday had become the one time each year that she and her father were in contact with her mother. Doza thus set up a signal beacon to alert Venisa to the Colossus' location. However, their First Order pursuers were first to arrive, and the station was eventually forced to flee before Venisa could get to the rendezvous point. Torra was disappointed, but Xiono and the other Aces made her a gorg cake to help cheer her up.[23]

Underworld encountersEdit

With the Colossus nearly out of credits, Captain Doza reluctantly agreed to an idea of Fazon's to raise money by racing at Vranki's Hotel and Casino, where Fazon had raced before living on the station. However, Vranki the Blue, having severely lost customers due to the war, attempted to gain all of the Aces and the Colossus, and only a desperate move by Xiono and Torra in the final race Vranki set them allowed the station and all of its residents to leave while gaining credits.[39]

The Colossus next travelled through Guavian Death Space, controlled by the Guavian Death Gang. Attempting to avoid the attention of the criminal organization, Doza took the station through an asteroid field to exit the region. However, when Xiono, Fazon and Torra were sent out to scout ahead, Xiono was spotted by a scout, who escaped due to technical issues with the Fireball. The Colossus and its defenders were then forced to fight a skirmish at the edge of the asteroid field before escaping.[24]

Radiation crisisEdit

The Colossus' next major mechanical failure was a serious one: the station's trans-binary deflector, which protected its residents against cosmic rays, began to fail. With time crucial, Xiono, Vozo and CB-23 were sent on an emergency mission to infiltrate the First Order-controlled supertanker fuel depot Titan and steal a replacement. The mission was complicated by the unexpected presence of Ryvora, Rucklin and Pyre on the station, but the infiltrators completed their mission and escaped back to the Colossus in time, unaware that Ryvora had secretly assisted them after learning that her former home was in danger.[40]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Colossus was created for the 2018 animated series Star Wars Resistance, and was first shown in the series trailer.[41] The upper section was designed by veteran Star Wars modelmaker Bill George.[12]



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