The area around the Column Commons.

Column Commons was a district of Coruscant located between the Imperial Palace and the Calocour Heights area. The architecture of the region was unique when seen from the surface. The Commons consisted of vast open areas, exposed to the wind and weather, interspersed with thick, sturdy duracrete columns, thousands of meters tall, which in turn held hundreds of floors of cityscape towering overhead.

Column Commons was the publishing district of Coruscant, housing hundreds of news services, HoloNet providers, holodrama and holovid companies. TriNebulon News and Nova Network both had their headquarters there, as did publishing house Veritas Press. It was said that nothing escaped the notice of the citizens of "the Commons," and information brokers, slicers, and spies mingled among the journalists and businessmen as gossip and secrets flowed freely.

Under Emperor Palpatine's New Order, the Commons was carefully monitored, policed and censored by COMPNOR "truth officers," who ensured all published materials conformed to Imperial standards.

After Coruscant was Vongformed during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Commons became overgrown with wildlife.

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