The Columus Data Card was a data card recorded by Jedi apprentice Danzigorro Potts, the last survivor of the Battle of Columus. He recorded the data card moments before his death shortly after the battle, leaving it to whatever Jedi would find it. The data card had been the inspiration for three operas on Coruscant, and the Sith sympathizer Ingo Wavlud once noted that he believed that the data card was nothing more than Jedi propaganda, but later tests proved the data card as authentic.

The data card showed Potts' feelings towards Xendor and the Legions of Lettow, and also expressed his feelings on the Dark side of the Force and the Jedi Order. It also included an account of the battle.

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Source:  Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the ForceAttribution:  Ryder Windham

I have received the transmission, the news that General Xendor is dead. At last, we have prevailed over the Legions of Lettow. I know it may be wrong of me, but I am relieved by his death, as I trust it brings an end to this awful war. For the first time in months, I look forward to tomorrow. I wonder … I wonder if I might find a spot of sunshine before morning. Better yet, I might find a familiar, friendly face … one that's still breathing. Forgive me, my Masters. My thoughts go astray. I do not mean to dishonor your teachings by babbling. You know I was never good with words. I always wished I could make them flow better. My throat is so dry. And I'm bleeding something awful. I hope I'm holding this audiocard right. [Static.] Hear my words, fellow Jedi. I, the Jedi apprentice Danzigorro Potts, am the last survivor of the conflict on Columus. There were nearly thirty Dark Jedi, so we were fairly evenly matched. Tried to trap us in this ravine, they did. The battle was fierce and fast. It's so quiet now, peaceful even, but we can thank the Force for all we… We can thank the Force for… So sorry. I want to leave you with some important words. I guess I'm at a loss. I'm dying. I'm just going to say whatever I want to say. I killed my friend Blendri and her apprentice Cuthallox today, right here on the battlefield. Hadn't seen them since they ran off with my old Master, Jook-jook H'broozin, to join up with Xendor. Caught up with H'broozin on Corulag and ran him through, I did, but Blendri and Cuthallox kept getting away, one world to the next. All the way to here. Not that I wanted revenge, of course, but … well, all the rebels had to be stopped, did they not? I loved being a Jedi. Loved it. Wouldn't have changed a thing. But to be honest, after Blendri joined up with the Legions of Lettow, I started thinking. About how long she'd been complaining about the Jedi Order being so sterile. About how bored she was by all that endless meditation. Understand … I was never tempted by the dark side. Being in the light was never a dangerous balancing act for me, it wasn't. Maybe it's because I'm simpler than some, or so Blendri says. I mean, that's what she used to say. But I never ducked a battle, and I never betrayed the Jedi, and I never wanted to do bad things. To the Jedi who finds this data card, I'm hoping you'll remember this about Blendri. You see, Blendri was my best friend when we were children. She was the one who showed me how to use the Force, even before we knew what the Force was. She was a good girl, Blendri was. A really good person. Maybe she teased me a few times when she became a Jedi Knight and I was still an apprentice, but I knew she was just joking. The reason I mention this is because I don't think she joined the dark side and the Legions of Lettow because she was evil. I think she just got tired of all the Jedi rules, being told what to do, how to behave, how not to behave, all the time. I think it crushed her a bit. As for all the other Jedi who left the Order to join the legions … I don't know. It seems too easy to blame everything on Xendor and the dark side. Maybe we … maybe the Jedi were partly to blame, too. I'm not good with history, but I know that for more than five centuries the Jedi didn't have much trouble with anyone. Sure, a dark Jedi here and there, I heard tell. But then along came Xendor, telling Jedi they didn't have to obey orders all the time. I know it sounds crazy, but I wonder … maybe the Jedi need an enemy. I think … without a common enemy, we … we'll just wind up fighting each other … and ourselves. Does that make sense? It's getting really cold. I only wish—[End of recording.]

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