Combat Moon is a short story written by John Whitman. It was originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 9 by West End Games in February 1996, and was later made available online at Hyperspace Fiction on March 28, 2006.

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The story opens with Mika Streev, the champion of the planet Rabaan. He is training with his friend Leda Kyss, in preparation for a duel on Rabaan's single moon, known as the Combat Moon. Mika's opponent in the upcoming duel is the champion of the planet S'krrr, Sh'shak. The impetus for the battle is due to a belief that the S'krrr are responsible for the slaughter of a large population of Rabaanites.

Once on Combat Moon, Mika is attacked by two of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers, Jan and Modigal Glave, led by a Rabaanite traitor named Andos Delvaren. The interference by the Empire reveals that they are the true perpetrators of the attack blamed on the S'krrr. The Empire had hoped that the ruse would start a war between the two planets, allowing them to step in and take control. They would then be free to eradicate a Rebel cell that is hiding on Combat Moon.

After finding Sh'shak, the two Raabanite warriors fight the stormtroopers, which leads to Sh'shak being shot in his thorax, a non-vital S'krrr body part. In the ensuing chaos, the Rebel base that the Empire is trying to discover is located. The Raabanites and S'krrr decide to aid the Rebels in repelling the Empire, with Leda Kyss taking a prominent role in the decision. However, Leda Kyss is killed by the stormtroopers in the attack, shortly after sending a message to neighboring planets to warn of the Empire's treachery.

The Rebellion is eventually successful in repelling the Imperial attack, and the traitor Andos is killed. After their victory, the rebel group escapes from the moon in a freighter and an X-wing fighter. Mika, having experienced the tyranny of the Empire firsthand, refuses to return to his home planet, joining the Rebellion.

The story ends with Sh'shak letting out a wing-song to mourn Leda and the others who fell in the battle with the Empire.


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