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"I just got word from one of my people on Bothawui who was tracking down one of Lord Graemon's connections there. He says there's been a bad riot over at the Combined Clans Building in Drev'starn, apparently over this Caamas Document thing."
Commander Dreyf, to Admiral Gilad Pellaeon[src]

The Combined Clans Center Building, simply referred to as the Combined Clans Building, was a building in the planet Bothawui's capital city of Drev'starn that housed the heads of the Bothan Combined Clans. The building served as the governing center for the Bothan clans that controlled legislature throughout Bothan Space. During the 19 ABY Caamas Document Crisis—brought about by the discovery of a document that implicated the involvement of Bothans in the destruction of Caamas—the center was host to a devastating riot incited by Imperials just prior to a clash with the New Republic.


The Combined Clans Center Building, located near Merchant's Square in the planet Bothawui's capital city of Drev'starn, consisted of a three-story atrium, with the top two floors hosting wide observation galleries facing the building's front. The atrium filled the front third of the building and contained doors leading to the outside. An ornamental stairway ran between the first two floors, yet only a standard stairway connected the top two floors. Public offices lined the perimeter of the atrium, and more private offices filled the second and third floors, which were decorated with borscii vines, kafvris vines, short trees, and outdoor balconies.[1]

The records room of the building, marked "ARCHIVES," was located on the third floor. Security for the building included two armed guards at the base of the stairs and built-in, camouflaged static barrier poles in the staircase banisters. During the Caamas Document Crisis riot[1] of 19 ABY,[2] more armed guards were posted at the stairway.[1]


"We desperately need your assistance. There is a mob moving on this building."
―First Secretary Orou'cya, to New Republic High Councilor Leia Organa Solo[src]

Following the Bothan implication in the Galactic Empire's destruction of Caamas after the Caamas Document came to light[1] in 19 ABY,[2] members of the New Republic sought restitution from Bothawui. As Borsk Fey'lyaNew Republic Senate representative to Bothawui—claimed the Bothans did not have sufficient funds to aid in the relocation of Caamasi citizens, President Ponc Gavrisom sent High Councilor Leia Organa Solo to the Combined Clans Center Building on Bothawui in order to examine the financial records of the Bothan Combined Clans, the governing body of the Bothan clans.[1]

Concurrent with Councilor Solo's trip to Bothawui with her husband and Noghri bodyguards, an Imperial faction organized by Moff Vilim Disra, hoping to capitalize on the civil unrest stirred up by the recently-discovered Caamas Document, sent a team led by Imperial Intelligence agent Drend Navett to the city of Drev'starn. The Intelligence agents laid plans to foment a riot in Merchant's Square, outside the building. Klif, a member of Navett's team, pulled together a large, mixed crowd, including several Leresai, a species known for their harsh justice system, and Froffli, a species whose government adamantly demanded sanctions against the Bothans.[1]

As the angry crowd stormed toward the building, Askar Clan leader Rayl'skar appealed to the citizens for calm from a balcony of the Combined Clans Building. Before he could appease the unruly mob, well-placed sniper shots appearing to originate both from Rayl'skar on the second floor, and Han Solo—scouting out the situation from the building's third-floor balcony—set off the bedlam. Although visibly emanating on a trajectory derived from the building, the initially invisible blaster bolts in fact came from Xerrol Nightstinger blaster rifles, fired by Drend Navett and his agents. The bolts in turn were redirected through multifaceted crystals and Tibanna gas-filled blast tubes placed on the balconies, designed to aim the shots at the crowd.[1]

When the crowd broke into the atrium of the Combined Clans Center Building, Leia Organa Solo answered First Secretary Orou'cya's pleas for help and attempted to stop the rioters before more violence could occur. However, Bothan guards fired shots into the crowd that resulted in the destruction of the entire first floor. Han Solo was forced to cut through the ceremonial staircase linking the first two floors with his wife's lightsaber, in order to prevent the mob from gaining access to the upper levels. As a result of the tumultuous uproar, approximately forty individuals were injured, and twenty-seven additional rioters were killed. The deaths included two Leresai, and the species was quick to join the ranks of governments demanding justice against the Bothans.[1]

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The Combined Clans Center Building first appeared in the late 1990s Star Wars: The Hand of Thrawn Duology by acclaimed science fiction author Timothy Zahn, where it served as the focal point for a devastating riot in Specter of the Past (1997). It later garnered a few brief mentions in the second book of the same two-part series, Vision of the Future (1998).


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