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"I have good news and bad news, Colonel. The bad news is, scans are picking up giant ice formations commonly called 'comets' heading straight for us."
WAC-47, to Meebur Gascon[src]

A comet

Comets were chunks of rock and ice floating through space.

Eons before the Battle of Endor, a comet named Kinro was predicted to destroy several Core planets. The comet was destroyed before it reached the Mid Rim, and its destruction was attributed to the Jedi Order.[1]

During the Clone Wars, Colonel Meebur Gascon and D-Squad encountered a comet storm near the planet Abafar.[2]

A cometary cloud was located in the Ilum system.[3]

A class of mining ships that mined comets for thorilide were called Comet Chasers. A fleet of them returned to the Calcoraan Depot in 11 ABY after exhausting a fresh supply of thorilide bearing comets.[4]

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