"Aeron thinks someone has been selling us out. She thinks there must be a stinking Viraxo mole in our organization. To be sure she wants to check the communication records and logs from home. The problem is the Comm Datacore was removed along with most of the other equipment. Aeron did some slicing and found out that the datacore ended up at an Imperial scrap yard."
―Emon Azzameen[1]

The Comm Datacore was owned and utilized by the Azzameen family to send and receive all communications through the family's holdings. Originally, the datacore was installed within the family's space facility, Azzameen Station. However, after the Galactic Empire witnessed the Azzameen family's involvement with the Rebel Alliance, the Imperials declared the Azzameens traitors and moved to nationalize all Azzameen property. Once the Empire drove the Azzameens from their orbital home, Azzameen Station was stripped of most of its installed equipment. The Comm Datacore was sent to an Imperial scrapyard near Tolig IV, where it was stored in a cargo container.

Later, Emon Azzameen and his younger brother, Ace, conducted a mission to recover the datacore in order to verify their suspicions that someone among their employ was leaking information to the Azzameens' enemies. Amidst the resulting battle at the scrapyard between the Azzameen brothers and a group of raiders, family droid MK-09 retrieved the cargo container holding the Comm Datacore. Emon then gave the recovered data to his sister, Aeron, who in turn sliced through the logs to find any relevant communications.


"Aeron believed she could slice into this data core and find out why Azzameen security was compromised so often."
―MK-09 explains why the Azzameens needed to recover the Comm Datacore[1]

The Comm Datacore[1] was a communications datacore[2] that was originally installed in Azzameen Station. The datacore was responsible for facilitating and logging communications through the orbital installation owned and operated by the Azzameen family. Family technician Aeron Azzameen presumed that the datacore also monitored transmissions sent without the Azzameens' knowledge, such as those possibly made by rogue agents under Azzameen employ who were working against the family and its trading company, Twin Suns Transport Services. The Comm Datacore stored records of both inbound and outbound communications, which could be preserved, accessed, and downloaded even if the core was removed from the station. The datacore was small enough to fit inside a seven-meter-long Class-K cargo container.[1]


"Aeron's sources say the datacore has been dumped off at a scrap yard near Tolig IV. With luck, it will be there when you and Emon arrive."
―MK-09 briefs Ace Azzameen on the mission to recover the family datacore[1]

The discarded Comm Datacore was stored in a Class-K cargo container at Junkyard Control.

At some point by 3 ABY,[3] the Comm Database was installed in Azzameen Station, home of the Azzameen family,[1] located in the Garis sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[4] The Azzameens used the datacore to monitor and log communications through the facility.[1]

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth during the Galactic Civil War, Imperial forces discovered that members of the Azzameen family had been aiding the Rebel Alliance. The Empire responded by issuing arrest warrants for the Azzameens and moving to seize all Azzameen property. Following a series of skirmishes between the Empire and the Azzameen family, Azzameen Station fell to Imperial control, and the Azzameens were driven to seek refuge with the Alliance Fleet. Azzameen Station was stripped of much of its internal equipment, including the Comm Datacore. The datacore was eventually delivered to Junkyard Control, an Imperial scrapyard located near the planet Tolig IV, where it was stored in a Class-K cargo container.[1]

After several encounters with interlopers meddling in the Azzameens' attempts to restore their dissolved company, Aeron Azzameen began to research the Comm Datacore's location,[1] as she figured that the datacore could be sliced to reveal a rogue agent within the Azzameens who was leaking information regarding the family's affairs. Her sources soon led her to Junkyard Control.[2] With the apparent location of the Comm Datacore found, Aeron called upon her brothers, Emon and Rebellion pilot Ace, as well as family droid MK-09, to investigate the scrapyard and retrieve the logs stored within the datacore. After finding their property among the scrapyard's containers and a brief skirmish with a raiding party seeking to disrupt the Azzameen effort, MK-09 downloaded the datacore's information, which remained undamaged throughout the battle. Emon then collected the data and delivered it to Aeron.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Comm Datacore appeared in the 1999 video game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Later missions reveal that Antan Azzameen—co-owner of Twin Suns Transport Services and uncle to Aeron, Emon, and Ace—was the mole within the family, acting with the Imperials in order to restore the family business. However, neither the game nor its accompanying Prima Games strategy guide elaborate upon the Comm Datacore's role in this discovery. In the game's mission to recover the datacore, the destruction of the K-class container—and, thus, the datacore inside—causes an immediate failure, as does the destruction of MK-09 before, during, and after the information transfer.



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