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Sparky repairing the comm interlink on Artorias.

A communication station, also referred to as comm interlink, comm node,[1] or comm booth[2] was the public version of a comm unit - an electronic device that handled communications between planets.

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Jedi Padawan Darsha Assant, Lorn Pavan and I-5YQ tried to find a working comm station in the high-crime district of Coruscant.

One such unit was stationed at the Artorias communications center in 25 ABY. Since it was damaged, a Human mechanic named Sparky was assigned the task of fixing the interlink but was unsuccessful. He desperately sought the assistance of Dulac who pretended to fix it, but did nothing since he was an advance agent of a Yuuzhan Vong fleet.

While tampering with the machine, the agent received a transmission from the crew of the Pythea warning of the impending invasion. However, he ensured the information was not released. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the comm station was left offline; preventing communications between the planet and the New Republic. Given their hatred of mechanical technology, the machine was presumably destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong during their occupation.



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