A Command Installation on the planet Thule operated as the hub of communications for Separatist forces during the Battle of Thule. It was destroyed by the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi using an LAAT.


The command installation is a large circular building with several corridors sprouting in all directions. It was protected by laser turrets along with a complement of AATs, hailfire droids, and droid starfighters. The primary defenses were powered by nearby energy farms, rendering a direct attack useless unless they were powered down.[2]


The installation was the primary objective of the second phase of the battle. With Anakin Skywalker's forces successful in eliminating the planetary shield, Kenobi was directed by Jedi Master Mace Windu to destroy the facility in an effort to cripple Separatist communications, paving the way for an attack on the capital city of Kessiak. After clearing a landing zone to allow two Acclamator-class assault ships to land, he appropriated a team of clone engineers to ferry them to the first energy farm.[1]

After having cleared a second landing zone, Kenobi provided cover fire for the now-debarked clones as Ground Armored Tanks bore down on their position from nearby factories, all the while shooting down waves of droid starfighters. With the internal shields disabled, Kenobi dispatched the first energy farm with a volley of laser fire, missiles, and concentrations of composite-beam lasers.[1]

With the area secured by the clones, Kenobi returned to pick up a second group of engineers and proceeded to the second and final energy farm sustaining the command installation, this time fighting increased resistance from AATs entering the fray. With the final farm neutralized, Kenobi took a run on the installation, focusing on eight couplings protruding from the building. With all couplings destroyed, the command installation succumbed to massive power losses and internal explosions, completing phase two of the mission.[2]



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