"It's called a C.O.L.D.—Command Override Limpet Droid. New Sith technology."
Jor Torlin[src]

The Command Override Limpet Droid (C.O.L.D.) was an espionage droid developed by the One Sith around 137 ABY.


These small limpet-like droids could magnetically attach to the hull of a starship or airspeeder, and allowed its owner to override the onboard controls. The droid was fitted with a small propulsion device enabling space travel. Commonly, multiple C.O.L.D units were deployed against ships the size of or larger than a shuttle.


During the summit between Captain Mingo Bovark of the Imperial forces loyal to Roan Fel and Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet on the Wheel in 137 ABY, six C.O.L.D. droids were deployed by Jor Torlin against Bovark's Nune-class Imperial shuttle. The droids took command of the onboard computer, allowing Torlin to remotely control the ship's turbolaser and use it to attack Admiral Stazi's ship.



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