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"[…]and now I believe it is time for us to see Commandant Deenlark."
Lieutenant Thrawn, to cadet Eli Vanto after they were attacked[4]

Commandant was a title carried by numerous individuals, notably within the Imperial Army, given to those officials who had some degree of command over others. Overseers of Imperial Academies generally held this rank.

During the Clone Wars, Osi Sobeck held the rank of commandant within the Confederacy of Independent Systems whilst serving as the warden of the Citadel, a major prison located on the planet Lola Sayu.[1]

Cumberlayne Aresko carried this title in his duties as an officer at the Imperial Academy on Lothal, the Academy for Young Imperials.[2] Brendol Hux, overseer of the Arkanis Academy, also carried this title and established a secretive group known as the Commandant's Cadets.[5]



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