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"May the Force be with you…Commander Dameron."
"Commander. But this time…don't blow it."
Leia Organa and Poe Dameron prior to Dameron going to the Battle of Grail City[16]

Commander was the rank of an officer with authority over a body of troops or a military operation. In galactic history, soldiers served under commanders in various military organizations such as the Republic Military, which used Clone Commanders[17] such as Cody[18] and Jedi Commanders during the Clone Wars.[1] on the battlefield. The Confederacy military[4] had General Grievous overseeing the Separatist Droid Army as Supreme Martial Commander during the Clone Wars.[19] Similarly, the Imperial Army,[5] the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[6] the New Republic,[7] the First Order military,[9] and the Resistance all had commanders within their ranks.[8] In the case of the First Order military, Commanders also were identified by wearing teal uniforms similar to that of Majors and Colonels.[20] During the Clone Wars, Mitth'raw'nuruodo served as a Commander in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet of the Chiss Ascendancy.[2]

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