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Commander of Staves, also called Rebolt's staff or Rebolt's club, was a staff belonging to Rebolt and nicknamed after the Sabacc face card. He crafted it by hand using a snapped tungsten transmission mast, the end of which he wrapped with black rycrit leather. The rycrit leather provided insulation whenever Rebolt connected the conductive metal portions of his club to a power cell to provide an extra jolt when he wielded it. Typically, Rebolt used Commander of Staves while bullying others.[2]

In 13 BBY,[4] when the scrumrat Han Solo returned to the Den of the White Worms empty-handed after a deal gone bad, Rebolt hit him several times with Commander of Staves as punishment, without waiting for Lady Proxima's orders.[5] Tired of being treated so poorly, Solo caught the staff and wrested it from Rebolt's grip. He then brandished Rebolt's staff and threatened that the next time someone hit him, he would hit back.[3]

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Commander of Staves first appeared in the 2018 anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story. It was first identified by the nickname Commander of Staves in the accompanying reference book, Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide by Pablo Hidalgo.



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