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Commandos storming a bunker

"Sir. I have five special commando units awaiting your orders, sir."
Clone trooper commander Ponds, to Jedi General Mace Windu during the Battle of Geonosis[1]

A commando (plural commandos or commandoes) was generally a soldier that was suited to environments and situations that most other units would not be able to handle, either due to training or equipment, making commandos similar to Special Forces.

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Behind the scenes[]

Commando Operations LotDS by Ben Zweifel FFG

Commandos opening fire in a swamp

In the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, the commando was one of the professions to survive the so-called "New Game Enhancements" of 2005 and be included as one of the nine iconic starter professions. In the game, they specialize in the use of heavy weaponry and other explosives.

The commando is an advanced class for the trooper class in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO video game.[2] This advanced class specializes in heavy blaster cannons and grenades. The Imperial counterpart for this archetype is the mercenary.[3]


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