Imperial Restuss Commendation

Introduced by both the Alliance and the Empire during the Battle of Restuss in 1 ABY, commendations were a medallion based item awarded to factionally aligned spacers who assisted their chosen faction during the Restuss battles. These commendations represented outstanding service and skill shown during the battle, and Spacers who earned multiple commendations were able to requisition various items from their respective factional Commendation officer.


Strangely, this commendation exchange system operated by both Rebel and Imperial Commendation officers offered identical items in exchange for earned commendations. It was believed that this was mainly attributed to the supplier of the Crusader items, the Black Sun. According to an anonymous interview with a Black Sun member regarding Crusader Armor, a unique business opportunity had presented itself where the Black Sun could create and distribute separate types of battle armor to both the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion.[1] It is assumed that this business deal may have expanded to include certain Crusader weaponry and therefore, this led to its availability from both side's Commendation Officers.


Weaponry available to both Rebels and Imperials

Imperial armor

Rebel armor


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