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The Compassion was a Lambda-class shuttle that saw service with the Rebel Alliance Fleet around 3 ABY. During a mission to treat the wounded of Gelgelar, the vessel was used to ferry medical supplies to the Medical Frigate Redemption.

Later that same year, the shuttle was stationed onboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty during the warship's rendezvous with the Bothan Dreadnaught-class cruiser Tal'cara. After the the meeting came under attack from a mercenary force led by the Marauder-class cruiser Intruder, Alliance pilots Ace Azzameen and Olin Garn, along with the Bothan defense forces, were able to drive off the mercenaries. Compassion was then called upon to pick up the escape pod EE-763, which contained the only survivor of the assault force, who later told the Alliance he had been hired by the Sullustans.

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