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The Death Star I firing its superlaser

The composite-beam laser focused multiple laser beams, which meet at a central point, into a single, considerably more powerful beam, which is sent along a different angle. Unsurprisingly, such a device could be exceptionally destructive. Examples include the Death Star I and the Death Star II. Smaller examples include Arb Skynxnex's double blaster and the anti-infantry turrets on the Republic LAAT/i. The OG-9 homing spider droid uses a homing variant of the composite beam laser.

In some battles, beam cannon turrets were constructed by engineers in strategic places to prevent enemies from passing by. An example of this was during the Battle of Kashyyyk. There were two turrets set up on elevated platforms near the main Republic command post to slow the Separatist army from advancing into the area. Also, the crab cannon used during the Battle of Mon Calamari by the Separatists had a beam-laser as its main weapon.

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