"I had family on Siluria III."
―ConJob, to Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum[1]

ConJob was a Human male infochant and florist who plied his trade on Tanquilla Beach, a shadowport in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Previously a resident of the planet Siluria III, ConJob lost his family during an Imperial attack upon the population. Relocating to Tanquilla Beach, ConJob operated as both a flower merchant and information broker, carving both into successful businesses.

Well known on the shadowport, ConJob was aware of nearly everything that occurred on the space station, and was the main source of information on events happening in the Kathol sector. In 8 ABY, he met Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, commanding officer of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar. Recognizing her as a former resistance leader on Siluria III who had fought back against the Empire, he assisted her in obtaining help from his friend, the engineer Spang, to repair the hyperdrive engines of her vessel.


Siluria III[]

ConJob, a Human male, lived on the planet Siluria III during the Galactic Civil War with his family, and worked as a media director. The planet's Imperial Governor,[1] Quannith,[2] treated the population brutally during the Empire's occupation, and ConJob's family was killed during a reprisal attack on the population. Leaving Siluria III, ConJob eventually settled on Tanquilla Beach, a shadowport located in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Refusing to divulge his past to the residents of the station, ConJob allowed rumors about himself to circulate. Some said that he was a professor who had been forced out of civilized space by the Empire, while others opined that he was a former cop.[1]

Tanquilla Beach[]

Tanquilla Beach, ConJob's home and base of operations

On Tanquilla Beach, ConJob opened a small florist stand named ConJob's Trifles on the main intercourse of level two, selling flowers—including dewy gigglebuds and starburst plants—that he personally grew in a hydroponics garden located in his quarters. He made a relatively good living as a florist; individuals with nothing but bare walls and rock to look at for weeks on end appreciated the chance to brighten their quarters with ConJob's stock. Even the most hardened criminals on the station were known to purchase his goods. However, the florist stand was merely a front for ConJob's true business as an information broker.[1]

As Tanquilla Beach's local infochant and NewsNet code dealer, ConJob knew the business of everyone visiting the shadowport, and was sure to be aware of anything interesting happening in the sector. His services were expensive, due to the need to utilize a private courier droid to capture the public network feeds from Gandle Ott, and he always informed his clients that news from as far away as the Core would be days or even weeks old by the time he obtained it. For the right price, ConJob would direct individuals looking to buy goods or services to the right sellers, and he possessed the codes to access Cynabar's InfoNet; however, he would only sell them to smugglers who had been recommended by current subscribers.[1]

The FarStar Arrives[]

In 8 ABY, ConJob was working at his stall when Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, commanding officer of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar, arrived on the station. Recognizing her as one of the rebels who had opposed Governor Quannith on Siluria III, he immediately approached her and presented her with a starburst plant. Kissing her hand and bowing, he revealed he had had family on Siluria III. Although embarrassed by ConJob's actions, Adrimetrum gracefully accepted his offering. Adrimetrum's starship, the FarStar, was in need of a major repair to its hyperdrive, after suffering combat damage in the Shintel system. The only repair bay that could accommodate the corvette at Tanquilla Beach was Spang's, but the proprietor, Spang, was too busy to help them. ConJob, a friend and drinking buddy of Spang's, used his friendship with the engineer to help Adrimetrum cut a deal for the repairs. Spang allowed his granddaughter, Fia, to conduct the refit, which overhauled and upgraded the FarStar's engines.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Tall and lanky, ConJob had black hair and wore thick spectacles. Impulsive and romantic, ConJob kept his past a secret from the denizens of Tanquilla Beach, allowing rumors of his former occupations to spread. At some point in his life, he acquired a working antique lightsaber. While he lacked any talent with the Force, he would practice with the weapon outside his stand to amuse himself, and grew to be quite proficient in basic offensive and defensive moves. He had a skill for growing flowers, and he maintained two separate businesses. He was also skilled in the use of a blaster.[1]

As an information broker, ConJob was extremely knowledgeable about events and situations occurring throughout the Kathol sector and aboard Tanquilla Beach. Possessing a working understanding of bureaucracy, ConJob was a skilled businessman and was especially knowledgeable about NewsNets and their operations. He also had an interest in alien species, cultures, and languages. ConJob was known to gamble, and could program and repair computers and security equipment.[1]


ConJob required spectacles, and owned a hold-out blaster in addition to his ancient lightsaber. He carried a datapad and maintained a hydroponics garden to grow flowers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

ConJob appeared in Shintel Downtime, the fourth RPG adventure in The DarkStryder Campaign written by Paul Sudlow and published in 1995. The gamemaster has the option of using ConJob to supply the players with information regarding the sector and its events should the players return to Tanquilla Beach following the conclusion of the adventure.



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