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A Twi'lek con artist gestures to a mark.

A con artist was an individual who tricked other individuals out of their credits, secrets or information by way of lying, cheating or defrauding.[1]

During the waning years of the Galactic Republic, Dannl Faytonni was a con artist who sometimes wore fake military gear to disguise himself.[2] Tak was as a con artist who robbed the elderly on Coruscant before he tried to rob the Princess of Kessel and was sent to work at the spice mines of Kessel.[3] Ezra Bridger used to be a con artist and ran scams for survival on Lothal before joining the crew of the Ghost. The Ubdurian brothers Prashee and Cratinus, who frequented Takodana Castle, were con artists who used their identical appearances to their advantage whilst gambling.[1]


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