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"Now that we finally know what the Force wanted for the Yuuzhan Vong, it's time to ask what the Force wants for us."
―Luke Skywalker addresses the gathered Jedi[src]

The Conclave on Zonama Sekot was called by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Held on Zonama Sekot in 29 ABY, it gathered together virtually all the Jedi, including the students onboard the Errant Venture and those stationed at the Shelter in the Maw. Allowing everyone a day to mingle and catch-up, Skywalker convened the meeting in a forest clearing, delivering an opening address discussing the repercussions of the war and directions for the future of the Order.

At the meeting it was decided to relocate the Jedi Order to Ossus, a move suggested by Kam Solusar. Other Jedi also decided on various courses of action, such as a number continuing to serve on the High Council, aiding in the reconstruction of Dathomir, returning home or aiding the military.

Luke Skywalker's address[]

Source:  The New Jedi Order: The Unifying ForceAttribution:  James Luceno
Luke Skywalker:

I'm no longer convinced that we're meant to police the galaxy. For one thing, we're too few in number. That was made evident early in the war, and it's likely to hold true for whatever conflicts erupt in the coming years. The Jedi began as a meditative order. Our forebears believed that they could balance light and dark by remaining always in the Force, and thereby perfecting themselves.

Gradually, however, as the Supreme Chancellors appealed to the order time and again for advice in resolving disputes, the Jedi became adjuncts of the Old Republic, then marshals and warriors, taking it upon themselves to uphold the peace, and little by little being drawn away from the Force and into the mundane.

I don't propose that we place ourselves in seclusion and pass our days meditating on the Force—though that might be the path for some of us. But I do advocate attuning ourselves to the longer view, and reaching out to others who seek to serve the Force. The genetic makeup of each and every one of us augments our ability to tap the Force, but everyone, regardless of his or her genetics, has the potential to use the Force to one degree or another. Perhaps not to move rocks and take giant strides; but in some sense those physical powers are little more than surface effects.

The real powers are more subtle, for they involve adhering to the true path, avoiding the temptation to dominate, sacrificing oneself for those who have less, and living impeccably, by recognizing that the Force doesn't flow from us but through us, ever on the move. I ask only that you give deep thought as to how you might best serve the Force.

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