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"On Concord Dawn, cheating is a capital offense."

Concord Dawn was an agricultural frontier world in the Mandalore sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The planet had strong ties to the Mandalorians; its population shared many Mandalorian values, and genetic markers specific to the natives of Concord Dawn were present throughout the Mandalorian populace. Concord Dawn was a flashpoint for the Mandalorian Civil War in 58 BBY, when the Death Watch of Tor Vizsla scattered the True Mandalorians of Mandalore Jaster Mereel, a native of Concord Dawn. Mereel escaped and turned the tables on Vizsla with the help of a native boy, Jango Fett, orphaned by the Death Watch. Jango's son Boba Fett would later settle on Concord Dawn before being exiled for the murder of his superior officer.

Law on Concord Dawn, which could be strict in execution and punishment, was maintained by the Journeyman Protectors. Among their numbers were Mereel, Jango Fett's father, Boba Fett, and Cort Davin, one of the Cuy'val Dar trainers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Other members of the law on Concord Dawn included Sheckil, who became a lieutenant in the Galactic Empire, and a Devaronian senior magistrate who in 24 ABY used his position to route Human prisoners to be executed by the anti-Human Diversity Alliance. Members of the Grand Army were even influenced by the traditions of Concord Dawn's Protectors, such as Sergeant Fox, who intended to retire to become a Protector at the end of the Clone Wars.


"...Concord Dawn, an agricultural world in the Mandalore sector."

A city on Concord Dawn.

Concord Dawn was an Outer Rim world in the Mandalore sector,[1] located near the border between the Outer and Mid Rim.[8] Like the rest of its sector, it was frontier country, covered in jungles, forests, deserts and plains.[4] The planet was principally an agricultural world, backwards in development, and its plains were tilled by the planet's farmers to meager effect.[4][10] The region of Concord Dawn around the Fett family homestead and its nearby village was arid and dusty, though still capable of growing crops.[3]


Mandalorian conflicts[]

Jaster Mereel rescues Jango Fett on Concord Dawn.

Concord Dawn was conquered by the Mandalorians during their crusades thousands of years before the Mandalorian Civil War.[8] Before becoming Mandalore, Jaster Mereel was a native of Concord Dawn and a Journeyman Protector on that world. Mereel, a man of strict moral codes, killed a superior officer for the man's corruption and was exiled as a result. While Mereel eventually rose to be leader of the Mandalorians,[11] his position on Concord Dawn was taken up by a man named Fett.[3]

Over half a century before the Battle of Yavin, the Mandalorian Civil War broke out when the Death Watch, a splinter group of Mandalorians led by Tor Vizsla, launched a coup against Mereel's True Mandalorians. In 58 BBY, the war came to Concord Dawn. The Death Watch triumphed over Mereel's men, and the True Mandalorians were forced to scatter into hiding as Vizsla hunted them down. Mereel fled to the safety of Fett's farm, where his replacement kept the Mandalore and his men fed and hidden. Vizsla and the Death Watch tracked them down anyway, and they took Fett's son Jango hostage as they beat Fett for information on Mereel. An attempt by Fett's wife gave Jango an opportunity to escape—and run directly into Mereel—but Vizsla's men killed the elder Fetts, took their daughter Arla captive, and burned down their fields to kill Mereel. Jango helped the True Mandalorians escape Mereel's trap, and Mereel took Jango with him to go after Vizsla. After leaving the Fett farm, Vizsla moved to the nearest village, intending to pillage it for two days before moving on to the moon of Moonus Mandel. Mereel and his men caught the Death Watch in ambush there, wiping out many of them, though Vizsla escaped. After securing the town, the True Mandalorians pulled off Concord Dawn.[3]

Later events[]

The Sith Lord Count Dooku came to Concord Dawn in 32 BBY in search of information on Jango Fett's past, seeking to learn whether the man was worthy of being the prime clone of the Grand Army of the Republic being cloned on Kamino.[3] Fett was ultimately chosen, and as part of the group responsible for training the army, Fett recruited Cort Davin, an ex-Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn. Davin's training of clone commander CC-1138, known as Bacara, led the clone to associate with the traditions of the Protectors and learn the Concord Dawn dialect of Mando'a. Others drawn in by the idea of the Protectors and Concord Dawn included CT-0000/1010, or Fox, who sought to become a Protector at the conclusion of the Clone Wars.[2] Another trainer of the Grand Army, Kal Skirata, originally intended to travel to Concord Dawn after the war to locate relatives of the Fetts.[12]

In 16 BBY, Jango's son Boba Fett married Sintas Vel and settled on Concord Dawn under the name of Jaster Mereel, taking up the position of Journeyman Protector and raising a daughter, Ailyn.[13][14] When Fett's superior officer in the Journeyman Protectors, Lenovar, raped Sintas, Fett killed the man for betraying his uniform.[15] Fett was imprisoned and granted the services of the famous Pleader Iving Creel to represent his case. He was unrepentant of the murder, though, and was exiled from Concord Dawn as a result.[14]

In 24 ABY, a Devaronian senior magistrate on Concord Dawn sympathized with the anti-Human Diversity Alliance movement and relocated certain Human prisoners to the Alliance's headquarters on Ryloth to be executed.[6]


A farmer's homestead on Concord Dawn.

The people of Concord Dawn had close ties to the Mandalorians; a large percentage of Mandalorian genomes had genetic markers indicative of Concord Dawn heritage.[16] However, the natives of Concord Dawn never settled Mandalore.[17] Instead, the people of Concord Dawn were attracted to Mandalorian culture by shared values, such as a strong sense of self-identity and focus on discipline and physical condition.[18] Factors that created a strong sense of loyalty were present in the typical Concord Dawn genome, which the cloners of Kamino used to their advantage by amplifying those traits in Fett's clones.[12] Mando'a was spoken on Concord Dawn, but its own special dialect; among the changes were use of the word tat instead of vod for "brother".[2] The northern region of the planet had a distinctive accent of Basic as well.[19]

Order and peace on Concord Dawn were maintained by the Journeyman Protectors.[17] Cases were given to a Pleader, who would give a plea for his client before a sentence—anything up to exile or execution—was decided.[14] The law could be strict; cheating at sabacc, for example, was a capital offense. Laws were heavily enforced on Concord Dawn.[6]

Notable natives of Concord Dawn included Jaster Mereel, Mandalore of the Mandalorians; Jango Fett, Mandalore and prime clone of the Grand Army of the Republic;[11] Cort Davin, Journeyman Protector and Cuy'val Dar trainer of the Grand Army;[2] and Imperial Lieutenant Sheckil, a former warrant officer on the world.[20] All inhabitants of Concord Dawn were vaccinated at birth against Karatos Plague, a virus native to the world.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Concord Dawn originated in Daniel Keys Moran's short story The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett, in which it is given as the homeworld of Boba Fett, whose original name is Jaster Mereel. Later works would retcon this, making Jaster Mereel a separate character and Concord Dawn his homeworld, and having Boba Fett spend time there under Mereel's name. The planet's name bears similarities to Condawn, a location mentioned in the third draft of the original Star Wars film. A New Zealand band has since taken the name Concord Dawn.

Jango Fett: Open Seasons explicitly placed Concord Dawn in the Outer Rim Territories; later works gave it an association with Mandalorian space, also located in the Outer Rim. However, a map released by Dark Horse Comics at the 2006 Comic-Con placed it in the Mid Rim, far from the planet Mandalore.[21] This was one of the errors Dan Wallace and Jason Fry corrected in The Essential Atlas, moving Concord Dawn back into Mandalorian space and the Outer Rim.[22]

A diary by the designers of the game Star Wars: Republic Commando, written in an in-universe style, states that Jango Fett's accent—actor Temuera Morrison's own New Zealand accent—is a "Concord Dawn inflection," and mentions that some clones adopted it.[23] The novel Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice canonically mentions the existence of a "northern Concordian accent," but does not clarify what it sounds like.



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