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The concussion rifle was an uncommon rifle that fired a concussive energy charge, creating a powerful shock wave that was able to knock down a full-grown person.


A Besalisk firing a concussion rifle

The concussion rifle created an explosive blast 4 meters in diameter,[2] damaging the primary target and any who were standing next to him. The shock wave was strong enough to knock people off their feet. Since the technology required for these weapons was more complex than common blaster weapons, only Arakyd Industries and BlasTech Industries produced them. As a sonic weapon, a lightsaber-wielder would not be able to deflect this weapon with a lightsaber.[1]

One notable model was the Stouker concussion rifle, a weapon used extensively by the Trandoshan Sissk gang. Other models included the LJ-50 concussion rifle and the W-90 concussion rifle, previously known as LJ-90 concussion rifle.


These rare concussion rifles were used by Trandoshan mercenaries during the Clone Wars and by the droid bounty hunter 4-LOM at several points during his career. Kyle Katarn used this weapon occasionally. Etain Tur-Mukan was also known to use a Trandoshan concussion rifle.



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