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Conder Kyl was a Chandrilan slicer who worked for the New Republic following the Battle of Endor. In 5 ABY, he developed a romantic relationship with the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, who had defected to the New Republic. He alerted Princess Leia Organa after a New Republic probe droid intercepted a transmission of Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck ordering an orbital bombardment of Kashyyyk. Following the attack on Chandrila, Conder helped the New Republic Security Bureau to analyse the microchip implants inside the heads of the former Ashmead's Lock prisoners. Later, Sinjir decided to leave Conder after believing that he was not able to be a good partner for Kyl.

When Sinjir later sought his help, Conder reluctantly agreed to help his former lover. Conder's probe droid discovered a listening device in Leia's nanny droid T-2LC, which unmasked a conspiracy involving Senator Tolwar Wartol. Conder later reconciled with Sinjir during an undercover mission on Nakadia prior to the Battle of Jakku. After returning to Chandrila, the two men exposed Wartol's plot to assassinate Chancellor Mon Mothma.



Conder Kyl was a Chandrilan human male who lived during the rise of the New Republic, the successor government to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He was one of the top slicers employed by the New Republic[1] in 5 ABY.[3] Conder was romantically interested in other men. While helping the New Republic to break into the head of an Imperial interrogator droid during the hunt for Moff Gorgon, Conder met and fell in love with Sinjir Rath Velus, a former Imperial loyalty officer who had joined the New Republic and hunted Imperial fugitives.[1]

Sinjir's companion[]

After Sinjir had returned from a mission to capture Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde, Conder met up with Sinjir at a seaside bar off Junari Point, a few kicks away from the Chandrilan capital Hanna City. After chatting about drinks, Conder proceeded to embrace Sinjir and reassured him that Chandrila was a safe and open place. Sinjir was uncomfortable about public displays of affection and tried to dissuade Conder. However, Conder was unperturbed.[1]

The two men when soon accosted by two patrons known as Mister Browscar and Miss Scowlface who told Sinjir that he was not welcome at the bar because he was an "ex-Imperial." When Conder vouched for his friend, Sinjir tried to calm the situation. Sinjir then gave a brief speech saying that the Empire was breaking up and that the New Republic should give ex-Imperials like him a second chance. When Browscar struck him in the head, Sinjir was about to throw his hot mug of caf at the man when Conder intervened and advised him that they could leave in peace. Conder and Sinjir left he bar and returned to his apartment. While Conder slept, Sinjir returned to the bar and exacted revenge on Browscar and Scowlface, beating Browscar unconscious with a mug and breaking Scowlface's nose.[1]

Serving the New Republic[]

A month later, Conder was on duty when a New Republic probe droid in the Kashyyyk system transmitted footage of the orbiting Imperial Star Destroyers commencing orbital bombardment of the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. The probe droid also intercepted footage of Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck ordering the Star Destroyers to destroy all life on the planet in response to a Wookiee slave uprising. Conder informed Princess Leia Organa, who offered to pay him credits in return for his service. However, Conder told her that this particular job was pro bono. When Leia replied that she owed his credits, he reassured her that she could pay next time.[1]

Following the attack on Chandrila, Conder undertook freelance work for the New Republic Security Bureau at the recommendation of Princess Leia. He was tasked with hacking into the small inorganic biochips they had found in the brain steams of each of the Ashmead's Lock prisoners, who had involuntarily attacked the New Republic leadership under orders from Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. Shortly later, his friend Sinjir returned from Kashyyyk after taking part in the successful New Republic liberation of the planet from Imperial rule.[1]

When Sinjir remarked that he was "both better now than he was and worse", Conder held Sinjir's hands and reassured him that things would be alright. After Sinjir kissed Conder, he told Conder that he had to leave the relationship because he felt that his flawed character made him an unworthy partner for Conder.[1]

Spy games[]

After Senator Tolwar Wartol leaked information about the Imperial presence on the Inner Rim world of Jakku to HoloNet News, Sinjir visited Conder at his apartment to seek his help in ferreting a spy bug in Princess Leia Organa's domicile. While Conder was cold towards Sinjir for breaking up their relationship, he allowed Sinjir to explain the reason for his visit. When Sinjir explained that he believed that there was a spy bug in Leia's domicile, Conder realized that this was related to the matter of the Empire on Jakku. Sinjir pleaded with him to help because his friends Norra Wexley and Jas Emari were on Jakku. Conder also reached out to touch Sinjir's arm but he pulled away.[4]

Conder agreed to help after Sinjir explained why he had left him. When Sinjir replied that they were done, Conder remarked that he could have fooled him. Sinjir replied that he obviously did fool him. Conder visited Leia's domicile and used a small, hand-machined probe droid fitted with antennae to scan Leia's home. Conder's probe droid was unable to find any bugs within the building. However, the probe droid detected a listening device on Leia's nanny droid T-2LC.[4]

Intrigue on Nakadia[]

Following the discovering of the listening bug, Conder joined Sinjir, Han Solo, Temmin Wexley, and Jom Barell on an undercover mission to trail five senators who had voted against Chancellor Mon Mothma's resolution to send New Republic military forces to Jakku. Conder used his slicing skills to hack into the electronic ledgers of the senators' accounts and discovered unusual credit deposits in the bank accounts of Ashmin Ek of Anthan Prime and Dor Wieedo of Rodia. The five agreed to "follow the smoke and find the fire."[4]

The five agents followed the Senators into Izzik's restaurant, which lay opposite the Quarrow Senate house. Conder was tasked with spying on the Quermian senator Nim Tar. He advised Temmin, who was watching the Askaj senator Grelka Sorka to be patient. Several hours later, Conder was kidnapped by criminals affiliated with the Red Key crime syndicate, who were colluding with Black Sun to prolong the Galactic Civil War. However, his comrades managed to capture Senator Rethalow, who revealed the full extent of the Red Key and Black Sun's conspiracy. The others then decided to rescue Conder, Nim Tar's child, and Sorka's pet jerba.[4]

Conder and Nim Tar's child were held by Red Key gangsters inside a warehouse near the Quarrow Senate house. While taunting his captors, Conder used a transceiver tooth hidden inside his mouth to transmit his coordinates to Sinjir and the others. Conder's captors broke his nose and forced him to kneel with his head down and hands bound. Sinjir and the other agents flew to the warehouse in Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon. After breaking through the roof, Sinjir, Jom, and Solo disembarked and subdued the gangsters in a brief shootout. A Herglic guard threatened to break Conder's neck but Sinjir shot him dead.[4]

Before freeing Conder, Sinjir stared into his eyes and begged him to help with a slicing job. Reconciling with his former lover, Conder remarked that he could do anything with Sinjir by his side. After Conder sliced into the senator's datapads, Sinjir issued a missive to the five senators. Posing as an adviser to Chancellor Mothma, Sinjir offered to pardon them and to secure them help if they voted in favor of the Chancellor's resolution during the re-vote scheduled to be held at the Quarrow Senate hall. Sinjir reported that he had rescued Nim Tar's child and lied that he had rescued Sorka's jerba. This ploy worked and the Galactic Senate was able to dispatch military forces to Jakku.[4]

Saving the Chancellor[]

After returning to Chandrila, Conder allowed Sinjir to treat his injuries with bacta, gauze, fiber-cloth, and an old-fashioned needle and thread. Conder and Sinjir talked about going to Jakku to rescue Norra and Jas. With Sinjir uncertain of his contribution to the New Republic, he decided to visit Chancellor Mothma to see if she could secure them passage to Jakku as a favor for their help. Conder was apprehensive about going to Jakku and longed for the two of them to go on a vacation.[4]

However, Chancellor Mothma decided to recruit Sinjir as her new adviser in order to replace the late Hostis Ij, who had perished during the attack on Chandrila. As his first assignment, Mothma sent Sinjir to deliver a basket of pta fruits to her rival Senator Wartol as a snub. Conder tried to talk Sinjir out of delivering the pta fruits but Sinjir was determined to find a new purpose in his work. When Conder remarked that Tolwar was dirty, Sinjir replied that he could not speak to his cleanliness. Conder then clarified that he meant that Wartol was corrupt and voiced his suspicion that the Senator was responsible for the spy bug at Leia's domicile.[4]

Sinjir agreed with Conder's assessment and remarked that the Orishen were obsessed with nobility and honor. Conder allowed Sinjir to continue with his job but jokingly told him not to start a galactic incident. When Conder called him "honey", Sinjir joked about ripping his beard off painfully before bidding farewell. Sinjir soon caught Senator Wartol redhanded trying to remotely trigger a bomb he had planted in Chancellor Mothma's office. Conder heard the sound of blaster shots and entered in time to stop Wartol from killing Sinjir with his blaster.[4]

Despite subduing Senator Wartol, they were too late to stop him from triggering the bomb. Conder then unrolled his sleeve and used his tech gauntlet to tap into the HoloNet services. The three then learned about a bomb attack at the north tower of the Senate building on Chandrila. Conder and Sinjir guarded Wartol until security forces arrive to apprehend him. Fortunately for Conder and Sinjir, Chancellor Mothma had not been in the room during the bombing. However, her adviser Auxi Kray Korbin was killed. The foiled assassination attempt coincided with the New Republic's victory on Jakku and Grand Vizier Mas Amedda's peace offer.[4]

A new era[]

Several weeks after the signing of the Galactic Concordance between the New Republic and the Empire, Conder attended a dinner with Sinjir and the rest of Norra Wexley's team. During the dinner, Conder and his friends talked about Han and Leia's newborn son Ben Solo. Conder also told Temmin that he had heard from a mouse droid that Temmin was planning to study at the New Republic's new flight academy on Hosnian Prime. When Conder asked if Temmin would miss his mother, Norra replied that she was going with her son because she had found a job there as a flight instructor. Following the dinner, Conder returned home first while Sinjir chatted with Jas Emari. Sinjir denied that he was in love with Conder but claimed he had found a new purpose in life.[4] A few years after the end of the Galactic Civil War, Kyl became the chief of cyberware at the Digital Warfare Department. In 7 ABY, Kyl met with Lando Calrissian and Han Solo, who asked Kyl to recommend a slicer for their mission to retrieve the Phylanx Redux Transmitter. Kyl recommended his Ewok co-worker Peekpa.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Conder Kyl was a Chandrilan human man with a barrel chest, big arms, a laser-shorn scalp, and a patchy spike beard. He had long, theatrical lashes, pouty lips, and smooth tan skin, which made his lover Sinjir compare it to nimarian korabaster. Sinjir likened his voice to the sound of rough but beautiful music. Conder Kyl wore modern scruffy clothing including a long dark vest with exposed arms and narrow-leg leather pants.[1] Conder later sustained a broken nose during an undercover mission on Nakadia. However, Sinjir managed to treat his injuries with bacta, gauze, fiber cloth, and an old fashioned needle and thread.[4]

Conder was a talented slicer who was loyal to the New Republic. Despite Sinjir being an ex-Imperial, Conder regarded him as a friend and his lover. He also had considerable respect for Princess Leia and was willing to work pro bono for her.[1] Conder also owned a specialized probe droid that was capable of tracking spy bugs. Conder also used his slicing skills to hack into several New Republic senators' datapads. In addition, Conder knew how to wield a blaster.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Conder Kyl was a supporting character who first appeared in Chuck Wendig's 2016 novel Aftermath: Life Debt, the second installment in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.[1] He later appeared in the novel's 2017 sequel Aftermath: Empire's End.[4]


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