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The Separatist Council led the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars in 19 BBY.

A confederation, also known as a confederacy, league, coalition or an alliance, was a system of government usually made up of many political units, often consisting of different planets and/or species which tend to be established for dealing with critical issues.


A confederation was usually understood as a loose coalition of independent and sovereign political units (planets, moons, corporations etc.), which were mostly created for different issues, like mutual military protection, diplomacy, internal trade and currency. In contrast to federations, where member worlds had to give up some sort of political autonomy to the central government, in a confederative system member worlds usually did not lose any of their autonomy, because the alliance was a voluntary matter in which each of the member states maintained their sovereignty and could secede from the alliance in any time if needed. This meant that under a confederal arrangement the central authority was relatively weak, usually made up of a unicameral governing body, where each of the member state's delegation had one vote and decisions had to made unanimously or by a supermajority, if they were to take any effect.[source?]

A confederation was usually established through a some sort of written document, a treaty or a charter, which provided the settings and aims of the coalition. Each of the members had to ratify the treaty before the confederacy could take into effect. Also any new potential members had to ratify and uphold the treaty before becoming a full fledged participant of the confederation. Since the treaty was not a legal constitution, like in a federal system, it did not act as a supreme law, but rather as an agreement between the members of the confederation.[source?]


There have been numerous confederations in galactic history:



Other confederacies included:

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