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Amidala: "Members of the Senate, do you hear yourselves? More money, more clones, more war. Say nothing of fiscal responsibility, what about moral responsibility? Hasn't this war gone on long enough?"
Saam: "Senator Amidala, are you suggesting we surrender to the Separatists?"
Amidala: "Of course not. But negotiation might be a better course of action."
Rab: "You can't negotiate with those animals! Keep the war going! Vote now!"
Senators Padmé Amidala, Gume Saam and Mot-Not Rab debate about the war[src]

During the Clone Wars, a peace initiative was created and approved by the Separatist Parliament. The motion for a diplomatic end to the war was presented to the Galactic Senate of the Republic, but was shot down in light of a recent Confederate terrorist attack and the assassination of Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri.


Around 22 BBY,[2] the Galactic Senate convened an emergency session to debate the true cost of the war. Several senators, such as Gume Saam and Mot-Not Rab, argued to keep the war going, with Lott Dod,[1] the Senator of the Trade Federation,[10] offering to protect the Galactic Republic from bankruptcy by opening new credit lines with major financial institutions—a proposal molded into a bill by Saam. Their militaristic stance was also supported by Halle Burtoni,[1] the Senator of Kamino.[1][12]

Pacifist senators like Bail Prestor Organa, Padmé Amidala and Mon Mothma opposed these views, with Amidala stating that moral responsibility of the war also had to be considered. This triggered accusations of betrayal,[1] forcing Vice Chair[16] Mas Amedda to interrupt the meeting and postpone it.[1]

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