"Prisoner? Omega, you are no such thing. It will take time to adjust, but you will acclimate. It is far safer in here than out there."
―Emerie Karr, to Omega[2]

"Confined" is the premiere episode of the third season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode premiered on February 21, 2024 alongside the second and third episodes.[1]

Official description[]

Imprisioned on Tantiss, Omega adjusts to a new life.

Plot summary[]

Survival of the fittest[]

Imperial Shuttle 135 approaches Tantiss Base on Wayland. The TK stormtrooper flying the shuttle communicates with the base traffic control, who gives him permission to land. While descending into the planet's atmosphere, the shuttle is struck by a lightning bolt, causing it to short circuit and crash into the jungle. The stormtroopers survive the landing with TK-343 attempting to contact the base.

One of the stormtroopers warns about wild beasts but another reassures his comrades that the lurca hounds are out. The other stormtrooper responds that the hounds don't operate this far out. Back at Tantiss Base, Dr Royce Hemlock asks why the shuttle has not arrived. As they hear the stormtroopers fending off wild beasts over the intercom, Hemlock rules out sending reinforcements since the troopers had the misfortune of landing outside the base perimeter. He deems them as good as dead.

Hemlock's hostage[]

Later that morning, Omega looks outside the grills of her cell at the surrounding mountains. Water drips from a tap onto her wash basin. Her "sister" Emerie Karr visits her. When Omega protests that she is a prisoner, Karr says that there is no such thing and reassures her that she will acclimate. Karr claims that it is far safer on Mount Tantiss than outside the base. Karr tells Omega to follow her since they have much to do.

While walking through the corridors, Omega walks past several imprisoned former Clone troopers including a dejected Crosshair, who are guarded by Clone commandos. Inside a ward, Omega watches as Karr collects a blood sample from a Clone trooper. Karr requests that Omega let her collect a blood sample. When Omega asks why, Karr responds that all of them serve a purpose and claims it won't hurt. Omega reluctantly climbs onto a chair and asks if Karr knows where her brothers are. Karr replies that she doesn't know.

When Omega asks why she never saw Karr on Kamino, Karr replies that she was sent elsewhere until Dr. Hemlock took her under his wing. She explains that Hemlock saw potential in her, much like Nala Se saw potential in Omega. Omega says she never knew that had a sister and is relieved she is not alone. After Karr collects the blood sample, she sends Omega with the test tubes containing the blood samples to Nala Se in the laboratory.

Reunion with Nala Se[]

On the way to the lab, Omega walks past an RA-7 protocol droid. Outside the lab, two Clone commandos let her in. She steps into a secondary chamber where she is scanned by a scanner system. Inside, Nala Se and several droids deposit samples into various machines. Nala Se thanks Omega for bringing her the blood samples. Nala Se asks Omega if her blood sample was taken. When Omega confirms this was the case, Nala Se discards the sample into a rubbish bin and tells Omega to keep this a secret, adding it is safer this way.

When Omega asks about the research, Nala Se responds that it is different from the Clone trooper program on Kamino. When Omega asks why she was brought here, Nala Se reveals that Omega was brought here to ensure her compliance. She explains that the Empire seeks the reproduction of a genetic M-count but the experiments on the specimens have yet to reveal the desired results. Nala Se clarifies that the specimens are not clones. The two are soon joined by Dr Hemlock and an Imperial clone commando. Hemlock expresses hope that Omega's presence will strengthen her work.

Batcher and Crosshair[]

Hemlock asks Nala Se to accompany him to the vault. Nala Se tells Omega to stay behind and complete her tasks. One of the scanners matches a sample. The vault is heavily guarded by several armed Clone commandos and a secondary red scanner system. Meanwhile, Omega serves biscuits to lurca hounds, who are kept inside pens. The sentry droid K-9X1 presses a button on a panel, which activates a lurca hound outside.

Omega secretly attends to her pet lurca Batcher, who refuses to eat the pet biscuits. Omega shares some of her food, which Batcher willingly eats. Omega promises to bring Batcher more the following day. Omega exits the pens and walks through the corridors, which leads to a several cells where the Clone troopers are held.

Taking advantage of the absence of sentries, Omega visits Crosshair inside his cell. Crosshair warns her not to escape since he tried before. When Omega suggests they can trust Emerie, Crosshair counters that not every clone is their ally. When Crosshair remarks that she is too trusting, Omega remarks that he doesn't trust enough. Crosshair warns her to leave for her safety. Omega resolves to find a way to escape Mount Tantiss.

Another day[]

Back in her cell, Omega scratches a new line on her tally of days. After packing her food away, she holds her tooka doll while gazing at the moon. Elsewhere, a centrifuge rotates blood samples. The following morning, Omega gazes out the window as the sun rises. She places her tooka doll inside her briefcase. As routine, Karr visits Omega and escorts her out of her cell. Walking through the corridor, she sees Crosshair and other Clones being escorted by Clone commandos. As before, Karr collects her blood sample but Nala Se secretly disposes of the sample.

Later, Omega visits the lurca kennels where she discovers Batcher nursing a wound on her forearm. Omega reports the injury to K-9X1, who explains that LH-201 sustained injuries during a night patrol. If her wounds do not heal, he explains that she will be terminated. When Omega asks him to treat her, the droid responds that he is not a medical droid and not programmed to treat wounds. Batcher whimpers in pain. Omega borrows a cleansing tool from the first aid kit and convinces Batcher to let her treat her.

Omega later recounts the incident to Crosshair. When Omega talks about stealing a medpack to treat Batcher, Crosshair tells her to stop wasting time with "lost causes" if she wants to escape. Omega refuses to abandon Crosshair but he replies that if he had the opportunity to escape, he would not think twice about abandoning her. Omega says Crosshair is her brother but he disagrees. Omega refuses to abandon Crosshair. Before leaving, he tells her not to risk anything for her because he belongs in here.

A bad day[]

Later in the morning, Omega is subject to a surprise inspection by Clone commandos, who rummage through her belongings. Omega tries to hide her tooka doll. Karr explains that this is standard procedure. One of the commandos snatches her tooka doll from her hand. Karr reminds Omega that they are not allowed personal items and says she will dispose of it. She then ushers Omega away for work duties.

Meanwhile, Nala Se reports progress to Dr Hemlock, who is displeased that the M-count was severely diminished in the process. He warns that if they do not match the M-count of the specimen, it will be deemed a failure. He also warns that failure will lead him to revisit the privileges afforded to Omega. Hemlock warns her about the consequences of delaying progress. Nala Se claims loyalty to science but the doctor warns that the Emperor is not as patient as them.

Freeing Batcher[]

Inside the lurca hounds' pens, Omega is relieved that Batcher's wound is almost healing. However, K-9X1 informs Omega that Batcher has been slated for termination since her recent domesticated disposition has been deemed a liability. As the droid drags her away, Omega says that Batcher is not at fault but the droid insists on following protocol. She snatches a datapad from the droid. K-9X1 issues a security alert before activating his electrostaff.

Omega uses the datapad to cause a cage to crash on top of K-9X1. She then hits the droid on the head with his stolen electrostaff. She uses the datapad to unlock the external chute for Batcher's kennel. After removing her control collar, she tells the hound to run. Omega tells Batcher she can't go with her since she has to rescue Crosshair first.

Omega is soon cornered by Dr Hemlock and Emerie Karr. Hemlock chides her for releasing a weak lurca hound and accuses her of being cruel. When Omega counters that they were going to terminate Batcher, Hemlock explains that the passengers of an Imperial shuttle a few rotations ago were killed by wild beasts, which are more formidable that the lurca hounds. Hemlock says that Omega's domestication of LH-201 only made her vulnerable. When Omega counters that Batcher deserves a chance, Hemlock mocks her idealism and says that emotion and sentiment have no place within these walls.

When Omega protests, Karr attempts to defuse the situation by escorting Omega back to her room. Hemlock asks Omega if she has more to say. Omega reveals that she knows that Hemlock brought her here as a hostage to keep Nala Se in line. When Omega says that he will not dare to hurt her, Hemlock agrees but warns that her misbehavior will endanger Crosshair. While he plans to rehabilitate Crosshair, Hemlocks warns that he will terminate him if her misbehavior continues. After warning Omega that actions have consequences, Hemlock orders Karr to escort Omega back to her room and to restrict her access.

Omega sits cross-legged inside her cell and sulks. Karr attempts to speak to her but she tells her to go away. As a reconciliatory gesture, Karr returns her tooka doll. Omega hears Batcher howling in the distance. Batcher rummages through the wreckage of the crashed Imperial shuttle.


A clip from "Confined" was allowed to be released by Rotten Tomatoes as an exclusive clip to promote the episode on February 8.[5] However, the clip managed to leak ahead of that date. Despite the leak, Bad Batch crew member Joel Aron responded to discussion around it; when shadows of Crosshair's cell fall onto Omega's face, the shadow creates an image on her face that looks like Crosshair's own face mark. Aron confirmed this was an intentional visual cue.[6] Aron further designed the light of the scene to be shining down on Crosshair from above, as if being cast by an angel.[7] He was inspired by the lighting design of 1940s cinema. Aron promised there would be similar uses of lighting akin to the Crosshair-Omega example throughout season three, with individual characters, creatures, droids, and ships getting moments with light underscoring the emotions of the scene.[8] Aron was inspired by the work of cinematographer Jack Cardiff for how to use lighting in season three.[9]



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