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"Why is he here? Why are you here?"
―Confusion questions Yoda's presence[src]

Confusion was one of five Force Priestesses who had sustained their consciousness in the Force after death and dwelt inside the Wellspring of Life. She manifested as a being wearing a black robe and a confused mask, and acted in a manner befitting the emotional aspect she represented. When Jedi Grand Master Yoda came to the planet seeking immortality, she and the other priestesses set him a series of challenges to prove he was worthy of the "great gift". Yoda passed each of their tests, eventually traveling to the Sith homeworld Moraband where his final test—facing Sith Lords Darth Sidious and Count Dooku—was out of Confusion's and the other priestesses' control. Yoda succeeded, and the priestess informed him that the spirit of his old friend Qui-Gon Jinn would commune with him to teach him the ways of manifesting in the Force after death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"For we are Confusion…"
"And Serenity.
―The five Force Priestesses identify themselves[src]

Confusion was one of five Force Priestesses who existed between realms, having achieved immortality by sustaining their consciousness in the Force after Death. She manifested herself inside the Wellspring of Life at the center of the the galaxy, along with the other Priestesses: Serenity, Sadness, Anger and Joy. From their home, they watched all beings strong in the Force.[1]

Confusion was one of five Force Priestesses.

Jedi Grand Master Yoda was visited during the Clone Wars by the spirit of his deceased friend Qui-Gon Jinn, who advised him to seek out the Priestesses so he too could learn to exist after death. When Yoda first arrived on the Force planet he was greeted by Serenity, who informed him that he had arrived later than expected by the priestesses, who were waiting for him. She then led Yoda to a gathering room where Confusion and the other priestesses manifested around him. Each of the priestesses reacted to Yoda in a manner befitting the emotion they represented, with Confusion questioning why Yoda was on the planet. After Yoda had explained why he was there, Serenity asked for other Priestesses to give their blessing for Yoda to receive the "great gift" of immortality. The five Priestesses then began spinning around Yoda while holding hands, becoming a blinding blur. The Grand Master then awoke elsewhere on the planet, finding only Serenity there to guide him to the first test.[1]

Yoda succeeded in overcoming his fears and passing the first test, after which Confusion and the other priestess manifested behind Serenity as she claimed Yoda must trust in their teachings to succeed. Yoda was then directed to pass through the Valley of Extinction, where the Priestesses warned him he must avoid emotion, as otherwise he would see their faces and be seduced. Yoda failed to control his emotions, but successfully resisted the Priestesses attempts to tempt him promises of a world of peace and no war. Once Yoda emerged from the valley, he was greeted by Serenity, before Confusion, Anger, Sadness and Joy set his final test, ordering him to travel to the planet Moraband, homeworld of the ancient Sith. Their challenge issued, the Force Priestesses then de-manifested, leaving behind only their robes and masks, which fell to fall to the ground.[1]

On Moraband, Yoda was confronted by specter of the Sith Lord Darth Bane who tried to tempt him to the Dark side but was unsuccessful. Confusion and the other priestess then manifested before Yoda, warning him that while all his previous trials have been conjured by them, the final test was out of their control. Yoda was to enter a chamber of darkness where the Sith once sacrificed Jedi, and where he would have to face the Sith of his time, Darth Sidious and Count Dooku. The five then faded away, leaving the Grand Master alone for his final challenge. Yoda faced the Sith, and emerged from the chamber, where he was informed by Serenity that Jinn would commune with him and train him to become immortal.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"We are one, and one is all."
―Confusion and the other Priestess give their blessing for Yoda's training to begin[src]

Confusion's form was mutable[3] and while interacting with Yoda she manifested as an aspect of Confusion, wearing black robes and a white mask bearing a confused expression. Where her skin was visible in the manifestation, it was colored gray, and two yellow eyes shone through her mask. She and the other four priestess referred to themselves as cousins and embodied the connection between the Living Force, which was found in all lifeforms, and the greater Cosmic Force.[1]

When interacting with Yoda, Confusion acted in a questioning manner which suited the aspect she represented. After Serenity brought Yoda before the priestess, Confusion questioned why the Grand Master was in their presence. Despite her confusion, she still laughed when Anger pointed out that he should not be scared as he did not know what it was he had to face.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"I don't want to ruin any greater mystery of this whole thing for you, but the way that I reconcile what that being is, is that it's actually one being. It's one ancient being separated over time that for our perception to be able to see her, she is these many different iconic things to us."
―Dave Filoni[src]

Confusion and the other Force Priestesses were created for Destiny[1] and Sacrifice,[2] two episodes of the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After the two episodes had been completed but before they aired, the television series was cancelled; however, all of the episodes which had been completed for the sixth season were released in 2014 under the title The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions on Netflix.[4]

Confusion, like the other priestesses, was voiced by Jaime King, who recorded the dialogue while swapping between all five voices, except for some specific sound clips like laughs. In a Q&A session on the Lost Missions, Clone Wars series director Dave Filoni said that he considered the five Force Priestesses to be one being who had died and become a Force ghost, splitting over time and existing in the Force with a limited power to manifest themselves. He also said that the priestess did not exist on the terms of good or evil.[5]

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