"Huh. What's the chance he's got an Alderaanian conscience inside his Imperial uniform?"
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Conn Doruggan was a Human male Imperial officer from Alderaan during the Rebellion era. He was assigned to the Imperial garrison on the Outer Rim world of Bakura during the first Ssi-ruuvi invasion in 4 ABY. He had a calm and moderate demeanour which proved helpful during the negotiations leading up to the Bakura Truce between Imperial and Alliance delegates.


As a boy on Alderaan, Conn Doruggan read HoloNet's accounts of the vicious attacks of bandits beyond the Galactic Empire's boundaries. As a youth, his horror at those acts hardened into a belief that the galaxy needed order above all else, even if the price of maintaining order was giving up basic freedoms. His homeworld was destroyed when he was a cadet at the Raithal Military Academy, but Doruggan remained steadfast in his love for the Empire and his hatred for all who would undermine its rule.

After graduation, he served under Wilek Nereus and became a valued member of his personal staff. On Bakura, Captain Doruggan supervised Nereus's efforts to infiltrate resistance cells. During the Bakura Incident, he attended the Bakuran Senate briefing where representatives from the Rebel Alliance met with Imperial and Bakuran officials. During the meeting, he encountered Princess Leia Organa and spoke to her, seemingly without anger at her for being a member of the Rebel Alliance.



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