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A conner net being deployed

A Conner net was a missile-launched weapon, developed by Conner Ship Systems, that unfurled into a wide swath of highly charged gossamer material. When it hit a ship it discharged, shorting out any operative systems and leaving the ship stranded in space. They could be negated by cap drains.

A conner net canister prior to deployment

Conner nets were a favorite of ship thieves like Niles Ferrier, as they could disable a ship without causing any physical damage, and could be concealed more easily than an ion cannon. Small Conner nets could also be used as traps against intruders. In this application, they could be quite deadly.

The CEDF employed kilometer-wide "shock nets", which operated on similar principles but were larger than any Conner nets available in the Galactic Republic as of 27 BBY. Connor nets also existed in antipersonnel versions, fired from guns that were attachable to battle armors.

Behind the scenes[]

In the sourcebook Galladinium's Fantastic Technology, and the novel Outbound Flight, the device's name is misspelled "Connor net."



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