"Why did you need the credits?"
"I didn't. Not really. I just wanted to use the inheritance I thought my father had left me. It was all I had of him, and I wanted more of it. I wanted his legacy to be larger. I just wanted to make a dead man proud."
―Boba Fett and Freeman[src]

Connor Freeman was a Human male born to a clone deserter and his wife in 22 BBY. During his infancy, Freeman's father was killed by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett on Atzerri. Before Fett's death at the Battle of Geonosis, the Mandalorian left an inheritance fund to Freeman. Twenty years later, Freeman used the inheritance fund and won a game of sabacc against the crime lord Tayand, causing the crime lord to place a bounty on Freeman's head. He was eventually captured by Jango Fett's son Boba, who was also a bounty hunter. After Freeman was turned in to Tayand at the latter's base on Cilare, Fett killed the crime lord, liberating Freeman from the debt that Tayand imposed on the man.


"Your father, a clone, made enough credits to leave you an inheritance? You think that's true?"
"You're saying that Jango Fett left it to me? Why? Because he felt guilty about killing someone? Jango Fett didn't feel remorse or compassion. He was a butcher! He was scum!"
―Boba Fett and Freeman[src]

Connor Freeman, a Human male, was born in 22 BBY to a clone soldier who deserted the facilities on Kamino and his wife on the planet Atzerri. Eventually, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, whom Freeman's father was cloned from, tracked the clone and killed him in his family's home on Atzerri[1] on behalf of the Sith Lord Count Dooku.[4] Freeman and his mother encountered Fett after the clone's death, and during a conversation between Fett and the clone's wife, the young infant mistook Fett for his father. The Mandalorian then departed the planet along with his son Boba. Sometime before Fett's death in the opening battle of the Clone Wars, the Mandalorian opened an inheritance fund for Freeman.[1]

Twenty years later,[2] during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Freeman withdrew all the money from his inheritance fund and eventually played a game of sabacc against the crime lord Tayand. He won the game, which angered the crime lord, who accused Freeman of cheating at the game. Freeman escaped Tayand's enforcers, who opened blaster fire at the young man. After Freeman's escape, Tayand put a bounty on the man, claiming that Freeman owed him five hundred thousand credits.[5] Eventually, Freeman was located by a Gand bounty hunter in a cantina owned by the Besalisk Quinny. Freeman was given a blaster by Quinny, and he shot the Gand, killing him. As he was taking the Gand's corpse out of the cantina, he was attacked by other mercenaries,[1] who were a part of the League of Bounty Hunters.[2] After evading them, he was eventually captured and knocked into unconsciousness by Boba Fett who, like his father, had become a Mandalorian bounty hunter.[1]

He awoke to find Fett and the ten bounty hunters arguing over who would turn Freeman in for the bounty, and ridiculed the mercenaries allied with the League of Bounty Hunters. During the comversation, the leader of the organization, Bossk, interjected and gave Fett permission to kill the other bounty hunters. Freeman escaped as Fett was disabling the other bounty hunters. However, Fett, who was using his jetpack to chase Freeman, caught him and used a spray of concentrated deeb aerosol to incapacitate Freeman. Later, Freeman awoke aboard Fett's ship Slave I, which was at a refueling station. He told the Mandalorian that his face resembled his father's, which led to Fett reasoning that he and Freeman were biological brothers. When Freeman insulted Fett by calling the latter's father scum, Fett revealed that he had helped his father kill Freeman's father. Freeman attacked Fett, causing them to fall out of the ship and onto the platform. As they were trying to kill each other, a ship commanded by Daquinn and the Whiphid[2] Yarttar[5]—who had survived the earlier skirmish with Fett—destroyed the refueling station, incapacitating both Fett and Freeman. The two bounty hunters captured Freeman[2] and brought him to the planet Cilare, where Tayand was based.[5]

As he disambarked Tayand's and Yarttar's ship, Freeman began arguing with the two and killed the Whipid with his own blaster. As he prepared to attack Daquinn, Boba Fett—whom Daquinn believed was dead—managed to swoop in with his jetpack and capture Freeman. After they made it to Tayand's base, Freeman explained exactly why Tayand placed the bounty on him. When Fett and Freeman met with Tayand, Daquinn interrupted the meeting as the crime lord was about to pay the Mandalorian. After Tayand refused to pay Daquinn, Fett offered to pay the five hundred thousand credits that the crime lord claimed Freeman owed him. Tayand refused to accept Fett's money, and Freeman offered Fett three credits to kill Tayand. Fett accepted and killed the crime lord, prompting Tayand's employees to attack Freeman and Fett. During the ensuing skrimish, Fett freed the rancor that Tayand owned, which attacked Tayand's men. Freeman pushed Fett aside to prevent Daquinn from shooting the Mandalorian, and was shot in his left shoulder. Fett disabled Daquinn and placed his jetpack on the bounty hunter, waiting for the rancor's head to appear in front of opening of the room in which they were in. After Fett launched Daquinn in the rancor's mouth, the beast was killed, and Freeman paid Fett the three credits that he had offered for Tayand's death. After Freeman collected some of Tayand's treasure, he and Fett, who took a tooth from the dead rancor's mouth, parted ways.[5]

Connor would use the money he plundered from Tayand's base to purchase a bar on Atzerri, which we operated along with Quinny. It was in this bar that he would see a HoloNet report on the supposed death of Boba Fett at the hands of a mixed group of soldiers, which prompted Connor to give every patron a free drink for a toast.[6]

Several weeks later, Connor saw another HoloNet report citing him as a prime suspect in the string of murders of Fett's killers. A stormtrooper then burst into the bar and dragged him out into the street as Connor cried innocent. That was not what the stormtrooper wanted, however, and Connor was knocked unconscious as a warship attacked the bar, destroying it completely.[6] Waking up in a bacta tank in Cornelius Evazan's lab, Connor discovered that his arm had been lost in the explosion and replaced by a cybernetic one. On his ship, the stormtrooper revealed himself to be Boba Fett, alive and well. Fett then explained how he survived his assassination attempt and used Connor's identity to track down and kill several of his assailants in an effort to track down who sent them, and that Quinney was okay. He then left Connor on Concord Dawn to find and protect Sintas Vel as Fett continued his search.[3]

Sintas "greets" Connor.

After bribing a local bartender with the credits Fett left him, Connor did manage to find Vel's home. Surprised to find a young Ailyn Vel at the door, Sintas came behind him to confront him as to what he wanted.[3] Before he got much of a chance to answer, a Devaronian strike team in a landspeeder began shooting at them, and Connor proved his good intentions by helping them dispatch them. Relocating to an armored safehouse in town, Connor explained his story to Ailyn in the form of her bedtime story. After putting her to bed, started telling him about how much he reminded her of Fett, and kissed him. As he was eating a late dinner afterwards, Connor discovered a family holo, discovering that he had just kissed his brother's wife.[7] Sintas then entered the room and explained to an upset Connor about Fett's time as a Journeyman Protector, and how their marriage ended after Fett's exile. She kissed him again, and Ailyn made fun of them for doing so. Just then, the safehouse door blew open, and Connor was able to deflect it from them with his cybernetic arm.

As Governor Purton revealed himself as the man trying to kill Fett and his family, Connor and the Vels took cover from his grenades in the storage basement, with Sintas giving him a set of yellow Mandalorian armor. Purton then followed the grenades with a strike team, and they were able to force the governor into the basement with them. After killing his guards, Purton explained that he wanted revenge for Fett killing his son, Lenovar, which prompted Sintas to tell him that Fett had killed Lenovar because he had viciously raped her, which Fett didn't reveal during the trial in order to protect her. Not believing her and calling her a liar, Purton attempted to strangle her, forcing Connor to shoot and kill him. Sintas then kissed Connor goodbye, explaining that Fett or anyone like him just brought her trouble. Leaving, Connor found Fett waiting outside, having distpatched Purton's rear guard. Walking back to the Slave 1, Connor handed Fett Purton's tooth - to go with the rancor's tooth from their previous encounter- and they mused about how much Ailyn looked like him.[8]

Personality and traits[]

Sintas kisses Connor

"You're every bit the cold, heartless killer Jango Fett was. You're not a son—you're a product."
―Freeman, to Boba Fett[src]

The Human male Connor Freeman gambled his inheritance, which he believed his father left him, in an effort to increase what Freeman thought was his father's legacy.[5] When he was being pursued by mercenaries affiliated with the League of Bounty Hunters, he repeatedly went out of his way to insult them.[2][5] Freeman was surprised when Fett offered to pay Tayand the debt that Freeman owed the crime lord. Because Freeman was the son of one of Jango Fett's clones,[1] he believed that his abilities with a blaster were innate.[5] Although his relationship with Fett was rocky and trigger-happy, the two did become quite close and considered each other half-brothers, and Freeman was one of the few people that Fett actually cared about.

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Connor Freeman was created by Tom Taylor for the comic series Star Wars: Blood Ties: A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett, making his debut in the series' second issue. Freeman was drawn by Chris Scalf in all of his appearances.



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