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The Conqueror-class assault ship was manufactured by a Surronian hive guild.


Conqueror-class schematics

The ship was 28 meters long. It required at least a crew of 1, but optimally 2. It could carry a single passenger, 1 month's worth of consumables, and 25 metric tons of cargo.

The craft could achieve 1,000 kph. It had a Class 1 hyperdrive and a Class 10 backup.

A typical ship was shielded, with 2 double laser cannon turrets and 2 forward fire-linked ion cannons. For emergencies, it had a single escape pod.


The Surronians used the craft for planetary defense. They did not sell them to outsiders, but did give them occasionally as gifts.

The craft were manufactured at least as early as the Clone Wars.

Guri's Stinger was a Conqueror-class assault ship.



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